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Hades DisneyBounding

Hades is my favorite villain. He’s so effortlessly cool… until he’s not! Today, I am going to show you some Hades Disneybound ideas!

He is charming and sarcastic, and surprisingly a little less aggressive than all of the other villains. That’s only because he gets everyone else to do his dirty work—nevertheless, he is still evil. He is the devil after all.

I love the Disney Villains. They are deeply misunderstood, and they often have the coolest outfits—that’s why Disneybounding as them is so fun!

Hades’ color palette consists of:

  • Blue
  • Grey/Silver
  • Black
Hercules' Hades Disneybound Ideas

“Name’s Hades, Lord of the dead…” Photo courtesy of Heather Alvarez

I found these sparkly pants online and I knew instantly they’d make a perfect Hades Disneybound. Because the pants draw a lot of focus I chose to wear other garments that were a little more subdued.

Here are some devilishly cool Hades Disneybounds that I found on Instagram!

Dapper Day Devil by @misslarkbahar

Dapper Day is always such a glamorous time to be at the park. Everyone is dressed up in vintage style attire. Everything about it is just so classic.

The cape is a great feature of this outfit because Hades wears a robe that drapes over him. The metallic blue top was also a fantastic addition to the look.

My favorite detail about Lark’s outfit is the feather hat. Hades’ hair is made of flames, and the feathers are a perfect way to recreate the look of that.


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Mom X Hades Disneybound

By @mommademagic

Pain and Panic are some of the funniest sidekicks in Disney history. They’re both such nervous wrecks because they are constantly living in fear of Hades!

This Disneybound is perfect because Jolene found a perfect way to accessorize. Nothing is cuter than her kids Disneybounding as  Pain and Panic for her Hades look.


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Classic Hades Disneybound

By @karamiadarling

Much like Lark’s outfit, Karamia put together another vintage-inspired Hades Disneybound.

I loved the flashes of blue in her outfit. The blue shoes, the tulle underskirt, and the flowers in her hair are perfect in bringing the whole look together.

The deep colored lipstick adds to the villainous vibe of her outfit. I loved that detail!


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Rock Star Hades Disneybound

By @stephrich_cosplay

Steph looks like she’s on her way to a concert—and I am here for it.

The silver shoes are perfect for this Hades Disneybound, and the blue hair is just an added bonus.

Steph also used a dark lipstick for her Hades Disneybound. The navy blue color on her lips compliments the entire look so well!


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Festival Hades Disneybound

By @the_jer_necessities

Jeremy is a pro at Disneybounding. If you visit his Instagram page he’s basically done all of the characters! These blue flames on the shirt is perfect for a Hades Disneybound.

Just like my sparkly flame pants, this shirt Jeremy is wearing is one of those garments that inspire the entire look.

The rest of his outfit is really subtle and he looks like he’s ready to go to a music festival. Did you notice the Hades hat he is wearing? That was a great detail to pay tribute to The Lord of the Underworld!



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Cruella DeVil DisneyBound Ideas

It’s good to be bad! Photo courtesy of Heather Alvarez

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