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Calling all kids, parents, animal lovers and Disney fans, we have a fun surprise for you!  It’s just the perfect thing to share with your family during the upcoming holiday weekend, summer vacation road trips, or whenever you’re singing the post-Disney-depression blues. If you’re a big fan of Jamie Cosley’s Wally D comic strip, Nuts 4 Disney, in WDW Magazine, you’re going to LOVE this giveaway!

Our pal Krista at (did you catch her latest video for us?) told us all about a terrific series of books – totally written and illustrated by two Disney loving brothers who are only 10 and 12 years old!  In fact, they published their first book at 9 and 11.  Read our review below, then find out how you can enter the cutest. giveaway. EVER!

cutest giveaway ever

Enter our cutest giveaway ever! Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

The Adventures of the Animals…

Tyler Reich and Austin Reich have created a really neat series of books based on the concept of imagining the daily life of those cute little animals you see around the parks.  No, I’m not talking about those little baby zebras at Animal Kingdom!  You know, the natural wildlife like birds and bunnies that inhabit little corners of the park.  Not sure what I mean? Check out this instagram channel for a glimpse into the glamorous life of a WDW bunny!

Speaking of bunnies, the Reich’s first book, The Adventures of the Rabbits in the Most Magical Place on Earth, is all about Rebecca Rabbit and her adventures as she explores her home in the Magic Kingdom.  We don’t want to give too much away but you’ll find out how she navigates the park, what happens when she hops a little to far from home, makes some friends, and is reunited with her family.  Tyler’s colorful drawings add a great visual element to Austin’s sweet story – this is an easy book for kids to read, or even follow along with the pictures.

Second in the series is The Adventures of the Squirrels in the Most Magical Place on Earth. Here, we find out that Sammy Squirrel has been globe-trotting around World Showcase with his siblings and pals in search of that most tasty snack – fries! (Perfect for #SnacktasticMay if you ask us!).  Along the way, Sammy meets a little boy who needs some cheering up and goes to work to bring a smile to his face.  This account of showing kindness to a stranger is one we all should read!

The stories are cute and fun, but if you like some practical advice there’s plenty of that too.  The end of each book includes a few pages with tips from Tyler and Austin about their favorite WDW tips!  It’s not often you see advice from kids, so this is a pretty great feature.

Up next in the series is an Animal Kingdom story – The Adventures of Lions in the Most Magical Place on Earth!

The Cutest. Giveaway. EVER!

Do you want to win a copy of The Adventures of the Rabbits in the Most Magical Place on Earth and The Adventures of the Squirrels in the Most Magical Place on Earth?  If so, it’s easy to enter!  Subscribers on our Subscriber Exclusive Facebook Group can tune in on Tuesday May 22 at 9pm Eastern to our WDW101 live video!  We’ll be doing the cutest. gieaway. EVER! for one lucky viewer?

Not a subscriber?  Just click the button below to sign up and you’ll get instant access to the Facebook group for our giveaway! (Not to mention 56 issues of WDW Magazine right in your hands)


We love these books so much we want to give you a chance to win them!  We’re giving away The Adventures of the Squirrels in the Most Magical Place on Earth over on our Facebook page this week! Head on over there to enter to win!

And stay tuned there, because we have a copy of The Adventures of the Rabbits in the Most Magical Place on Earth that we’ll be holding a giveaway for later this month – all you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite WDW critters on this post and you’ll be entered to win – the winner will be announced on Memorial Day weekend!

Austin and Tyler Reich

Don’t miss future books in the Reich’s series! Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

Want More Adventure?

Next up, there’s a new adventure coming with the release of  Adventures of Lions in the Most Magical Place on Earth!

You can follow Austin and Tyler at Adventures of Real Animals on Facebook to stay up to date on all their new works.  They’re really an inspiration you can share with your little FanGirls and FanBoys – they’ve found something they love and are going after their publishing dreams.  Way to go, boys!

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