What to Expect: Combating Coronavirus at Disney Springs

by | May 26, 2020 | Walt Disney World

We have been bringing you the latest updates on the impact of coronavirus at Disney World, and on May 20th, the very first step in the phased reopening of Walt Disney World began with Disney Springs! 

Changes due to coronavirus at Disney Springs include new guidelines put in place for the safety of all guests and Cast Members. Things do look a little different—but don’t worry, the magic remains. Here is a recap of all the changes you can expect.

Disney Springs Reopening Hours

Disney Springs will be operating under reduced hours for the time being, from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM. 

Parking at Disney Springs

The first notable change at Disney Springs is where you can park! With all surface lots closed, parking is limited to the Orange and Lime Garages. On May 20th, all guests were directed to park in the Orange Garage until it reached capacity—only then was the Lime Garage opened. 

Once in the garage, Cast Members will direct you to a floor to park as usual. As of our visit on May 20th, parking was not being spaced out. Cars are able to park right next to one another. 

Parking is currently operating on a first-come, first-serve basis, so even guests with a dining reservation will be unable to park if Disney Springs reaches capacity. On a positive note, if you are unable to make your reservation due to capacity being reached, your dining guarantee charge will be waived. 

Wearing a Mask

Disney Springs Health and Safety

Guidelines remind guests of health and safety at Disney Springs. Photo by Sara Bryce

Face coverings are mandatory for all guests and employees throughout Disney Springs, and you will not be allowed to enter without one. There is also an increased number of Cast Members throughout the park making sure guests are keeping their masks on. Masks may only be removed when eating or drinking.

Should you realize you made it to Disney Springs and forgot your mask, a Cast Member may be able to assist you. However, with limited supply on masks, this is not a guarantee. Ensuring you have a mask with you at all times is the best way to streamline your entry to Disney Springs (shopDisney is currently creating some really cute masks for your trip!). 

Children under three are permitted to be without a mask, but all other individuals must wear one at all times. Disney has advised that there are no exceptions to this rule. 

Temperature Screenings at Disney Springs

Disney Springs Temperature Screening coronavirus at Disney springs

Temperature checks help prevent coronavirus at Disney Springs. Photo by Sara Bryce

As part of the new safety measures being implemented, all guests will have their temperature scanned before entering Disney Springs. This is done on the second floor of the Orange and Lime Garages. Advent Health employees are stationed and will scan each guest’s forehead to ensure they are safe to enter Disney Springs.

We received questions wondering if the Florida heat will impact a person’s temperature rating, and since the screening happens in the garages before you set foot in the sun, this will hopefully not happen!

However, if a guest’s temperature does read over 100.4 F, they will be able to sit in a cool-down tent to see if their temperature lowers. Should it not lower though, the guest and their entire party will be unable to enter Disney Springs. 

Crowds During Reopening

Vera Bradley Line at Disney Springs

Photo by Sara Bryce

I got to Disney Springs at 11 AM on May 20th, knowing that most locations opened from 10 AM – 12 PM. While I had expected a longer wait to enter because of this, there was no delay in walking through the temperature screening and entering Disney Springs!

Once I made it inside, crowds were lighter than what I would describe as ‘typical’ for Disney Springs, though things did get more crowded as the day went on. There is still ample room to walk around and social distance from other guests, but lines tend to look longer than they appear due to parties standing six-feet apart.


safety precautions disney springs

Photo by Sara Bryce

There are a number of new handwashing and hand sanitizing stations throughout Disney Springs. There is also a notable increase in Cast Members wiping down and sanitizing high-touch areas such as railings, tables, and trash cans. 

Ground Markings

Disney Springs Social Distancing

Signs on the ground tell guests where to stand. Photo by Sara Bryce

Throughout Disney Springs there are several new additions to the ground reminding guests to stand six feet apart from one another. These prove especially useful outside smaller stores like Vera Bradley who have reduced the capacity within their store. Guests are asked to queue outside until it is safe to enter

This is also true for several restaurants, whether you are waiting to check-in at T-Rex or waiting to order outside Chicken Guy. These ground markings do make lines appear longer than they really are due to all the extra space.

Social Distancing Disney Springs

Some signs on the ground tell guests where NOT to stand. Photo by Sara Bryce. Photo by Sara Bryce

What’s Open

There are many third-party businesses at Disney Springs, so each company makes its own decisions on health and safety procedures for employees and guests.

Here is a comprehensive list of each location that is currently open for phase one of Disney Spring’s reopening.

Notably, World of Disney is currently closed. However, they will be reopening for phase two on May 27th! 

The Atmosphere Isn’t Changed by Coronavirus at Disney Springs

Disney Springs Empty

Disney Springs appears mostly empty on May 20th, 2020. Photo by Sara Bryce

Despite all these changes, the atmosphere of Disney Springs remains the same. Cast Members were friendly and welcomed guests back to the magic. Guests were courteous when following the new procedures. In my opinion, Disney has done an excellent job of making these changes feel natural by not allowing them to take away from the overall feel of Disney Springs (if you need information on changing your Walt Disney World travel plans, check here for information from Disney).

I hope this information helps you plan for your next visit to Disney Springs! Being able to walk around again and soak up the Disney magic was so nice after the extended closures. While things are different now, I felt safe and cared for with all the precautions set in place! 

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Sara Bryce

Sara is an event coordinator and lifelong Disney fan lucky enough to be living in the theme park capital of the world! When she’s not reporting for WDW Magazine, you can find her shooting Disney style, planning her wedding (yay!), or reading a good book. For more about Sara, check out her Instagram and website.
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