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76 Comments on “Contact”

  1. I no longer subscribe to the magazine and I am still getting charged the $4.99 on my credit card. Can you please removed it off my charge card.

    1. WDW Magazine is a digital product. We do not create a paper version. We do offer a download option where you can print it on your printer.

      Carl Trent

        1. If you ever make a paper monthly magazine, I would be thrilled to pay for it. Virtual or emagaxines do nothing got me. I need it in my hands. Thanks( and no I am not over 50)

  2. I paid for an annual subscription and it keeps asking me to join! I have missed the last 2 months. I’m at WDW now and the magazine would have been helpful

  3. On Dec, 30, 2016 I charged my credit card $47.99 thinking this was a print magazine subscription. I now understand it was just online. I would like credit since I misunderstood. Please credit my card or contact me as to how this can be credited….thanks

  4. Hi Carl,

    My annual subscription just renewed today. I was hoping I could upgrade to include the discount club.

    Thanks in advance ?!

    Kris Schulz

  5. I can’t view the magazine issue I have paid for because it says my account is still pending. However, PayPal says it has cleared and the money has been taken out of my bank account. It has been 10 days since I initially tried to purchase the issue. I would like to be able to view it prior to my upcoming vacation.

    1. Matt,

      You should be able to access it now. It’s a little glitch with Paypal when you use an e-check. The verification process takes a couple of days and we missed the update. Sorry.

  6. I am interested in the $57 bundle, but I would like the coupon to be for the 2017 calendar not the 2016 one


  7. I am still trying to get to my magazine. I purchased an annual subscription back in November. When I go to ” Open” it pops up and says ” purchase” I have already purchased the magazine and received the wall calendar. It’s March already. I would either like to be able to get to the magazine or I would like a full refund. Thank you.

    1. Teresa,

      The app is kind of a separate deal. You subscribed to the web version which is here. You can access your subscription by logging in here with your username and password. When you get logged in you’ll see the member page where you can access all the issues.

      If you need help with the username and password, just send us an email at support@WDWMag.com


  8. You say that to view offline you need to scroll to bottom of page once you are in the issue to where it shows the price but there is nothing like that on mine. How do I save it and view it offline on my ipad???

    1. Melissa, at the bottom of every issue there’s a Download PDF link. That’s where you download. You can also open Safari and login on your iPad and see everything just like on your desktop.

  9. I was reviewing my credit card statement and noticed I was charged twice for a renewal. Is this correct or was I over charged? Thanks!

  10. I Currently reserve wdw magazine I was as many under the impression it was a magazine you reserve through the mail I will continue to reserve till my year is up put I do not want to renew total not worth money how do I cancel after my year is up.
    Thank you

    1. Connie,

      WDW Magazine is an online publication. You can view all of the issues by logging in with your username and password you received when you subscribed. You can enjoy over 45 issues when you login along with some other goodies.

      If you have any questions or to cancel your renewal contact support@wdwmag.com.

  11. I would like to subscribe for a year to try it, but I don’t want it to automatically renew, I want the option to renew or not, is that possible.

  12. I am getting charged a monthly fee but am not sure where it is sending I would like to find all of the magazines. Can you help?

    1. Karen,

      WDW Magazine is a online publication. You can view all of the issues by clicking Login and using your username and password that you got when you signed up. If you need some help with that send us an email at suport@wdwmag.com and we’ll get you all set up.

      Carl Trent

      1. Although I’m still in my one month free trial, I’ve decided not to subscribe to the WDW Magazine and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to cancel this. Can you please help?

  13. Hi, I am interested in your Magazine. I thought I saw an issue for Adults Only, was I mistaken? Don’t see it in the preview.

    1. Debbie,

      The November issue was digital only. The three issues in the Print Trial were August, October and December.

  14. I have been charged for 3 months now and I am unable to log in to view my subscription. I tried using the forgot my password prompt but it says page is unavailable.

  15. I received my December magazine within the past couple days and it was shipped in a thin plastic sleeve. Due to that, two corners came through the plastic while being shipped & one of the corners of the magazine rolled. I would attach pictures but I’m not able to.

  16. I was charged for automatic renewal. I thought I had canceled months ago. What is the contact for refund?

  17. My name isJeryl Pagliasotti and I am writing you in regards to order number 1095 – 7689. This was for the Disney magazine for 12.00 that I ordered on December 2nd and I still have not received it. I have called twice and emailed twice and I am not getting any response back from any one. Thanks!

    1. Jeryl,

      I’m sorry, our customer service department was on a Disney Cruise last week. We’ll send out a replacement on Monday.

      Carl Trent

  18. I too am having a problem getting a hold of any one for my missing magazine. I received an email on 12/18/18 saying my order had been shipped on the 10th and that was it. I’m super excited to get it and have been looking everyday.

  19. I have been charged again for a subscription that I cancelled last year BECAUSE it was an online publication. If it is print, I would like it. If it is only online I would like to request that the charge be refunded…AGAIN. Thank you!

    1. Amy, I’m sorry. Somehow we missed your cancelation last year. I have canceled your digital subscription and processed a refund. We do have a Print Edition coming next week, but it is a separate purchase from the digital.


  20. Hi,

    I hope you are doing well today,

    I recently came across your website wdw-magazine.com.I did spend some time, I enjoyed reading it especially the articles.

    I am pretty well-versed as a blogger and want to contribute to a couple more on a regular basis.

    I want to write an article for wdw-magazine.com. I want to put together a draft for your approval.

    Love your site by the way!

  21. Hi,

    I have renewed my subscription today but still can’t access anything’s

    Can you please help?

    1. Telie,

      You should have gotten an email with a username and password that included login instructions. If you didn’t contact us at support@wdwmag.com and we’ll get you set up.

      Carl Trent

  22. I just paid for my January Bundle, $100 for the print and digital magazine. I am unable to create an account. I have sent numerous emails to the support@wdwmag.com email with no resolution. I have received multiple “Tara Welcome to WDW Magazine” emails, where it gives me a link to log in, gives me my username (my email), but where it says password, there’s no password given. So i cannot create an account without a password. Please can i just have someone send me a password? or tell me how i can create an account? this will be my 3rd time asking for help.

  23. Do you accept Paypal as a form of payment? (I am trying to l l imit the number of websites with access to my credit card information).

  24. I wanted to cancel my subscription. I may look at the print version at some point but for now, I would like to cancel. How do I do that?

  25. I thought I purchased the print edition of the magazine. I have not received it yet. Did I sign up for it? Or just the digital edition?

    1. Jennifer,

      You did sign up for the print edition. The first issue is the March issue which will mail out around the 25th of February.


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