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Perk up, caffeinated friendstoday is National Coffee Day!

And, yes, technically it’s always National Coffee Day to usbut at least today you can show your support by drinking 5 cups of coffee without being called an “addict.” Hey, if Walt Disney could drink coffee all day long, so can we.

And if the stars have aligned and you just so happen to be in Walt Disney World on this momentous occasion, there’s an almost endless list of delicious coffee drinks to choose from.

Let’s be honest, you were going to fuel up on coffee anyway. How else do you plan on getting those kids out of bed, loaded into the double stroller, and through security in time to join the virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance?

The Best Coffee At Disney World

But instead of ordering your usual cup of coffee from Starbuckswhy not try something new? You’re on vacation, you’ve earned it.

Here are some unique coffee drinks that will keep you feeling energized during your vacation in the most caffeinated place on Earth.

In order of deliciousness…

1. Espressos at Animal Kingdom

Just like the hidden gems and overlooked details scattered throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll find several amazing coffee choices if you know where to look.

You might stumble upon an African iced coffee called the Amarula Kahawa.

Maybe you’ll find a hot coffee with butter and brown sugar, like in Nepal. Or a Flat White espresso that benefits Disney’s conservation efforts to help protect the critically endangered cotton-top tamarin.


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But to really find one of the best brews in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, head to the Nomad Lounge for a French Press of 100% Ethiopian single-origin coffee by Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company.

It’s $9.00 per pot and boasts a fruity and floral aroma with notes of blueberry and lemon.

No reservations are needed for the Nomad Loungejust walk right in and grab an open couch or sit under the outdoor patio. As they say, adventure is out there … and so is delicious coffee.

2. Coffee Margs at EPCOT


Epcot is home to some of our favorite Joffrey’s brews. Photo by Chris Nilghe

If you’re planning on Drinking Around The World Showcase, there are plenty of adult coffee drinks to try in EPCOT.

A chocolate bourbon iced coffee in China. An espresso martini in Italy. Viking Coffee in Norway. Casablanca coffee in Morocco.


Have you ever tried a coffee margarita? Photo by Chris Nilghe

You can even add a little booze to any coffee at the four Joffrey’s Coffee kiosks inside EPCOT.

But none of those drinks come close to my favorite adult coffee drink: the Cafe de Oaxaca—a coffee margarita in Mexico. It’s a frozen blend of cold brew coffee moonshine, Mezcal ilegal blanco, vanilla ice cream, and agave nectar.

It’s $15 and is available at La Cava del Tequila, San Angel Inn, and La Hacienda de San Angel. This is one of the best adult coffee drinks around World Showcase. It’s cold brew with a kick.

3. French Press at Hollywood Studios


The Hollywood Brown Derby has your next coffee fix. Photo by Chris Nilghe

At the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, you’ll find dozens of relics from classic Hollywood cinemaand one of my favorite coffees on property.

It’s the Alto Mayo Protected Forest coffee from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea. It’s only available as French Press for $9.00.


Look for the press pot on the menu. Photo by Chris Nilghe

This delicious single-origin coffee is organic, Fair Trade Certified, and cultivated from the Alto Mayo region of San Martin, Peru. You’ll enjoy rich notes of chocolate and vanilla.


Joffrey’s coffee in a French press pot. Photo by Chris Nilghe

Joffrey’s works in collaboration with Disney’s conservation efforts to promote sustainable coffee farming methods in the Alto Mayo region.

4. Sweets at Magic Kingdom


Stop by Joffrey’s in Tomorrowland for a serious revive. Photo by Chris Nilghe

Sorry to say, but last on this list is the park with the worst coffee selection.

Unlike the other 3 parks, there are no signature restaurants in Magic Kingdom that offer an exclusive Joffrey’s Coffee blend. And there are no special coffee drinks here that you can’t get anywhere else.

Fortunately, there is one place that makes skipping the Main Street Bakery worthwhile. My go-to coffee spot in Magic Kingdom is the Joffrey’s Coffee Revive kiosk in Tomorrowland.

And one of my favorite iced coffee drinks is their Mission to S’mores latte.

It comes hot or iced, both for $5.69. The name “Mission to S’mores” is a play on the classic Tomorrowland attraction “Mission to Mars.”

It’s a double espresso shot mixed with toasted marshmallow syrup and chocolate sauce, then topped with whipped cream, graham cracker crumbles, more chocolate syrup, and marshmallows.


The Mission to S’mores is out of this world. Photo by Chris Nilghe

It’s a super sweet pick-me-up that’ll keep you energized enough to conquer all 3 mountains in Magic Kingdom.

5. Martini-Style at Disney Springs

Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Co. exterior Coffee at Disney World

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. has many locations throughout Walt Disney World. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

And if you’re enjoying a day outside the parks, there’s even more great coffee at Disney Springs.

Maybe try a frozen espresso from the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop. A creamy espresso affogato from Vivoli il Gelato. Or grab a frozen Kona mocha from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea.

But if you’re looking for the absolute perfect iced coffee, head to Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar to find the Espresso Freddo Shakerato. It’s cold espresso shaken with milk and icemartini style. Get it for $6 at the bar or with your dinner.

And while you’re in Disney Springs, why not end your night with some delicious coffee-infused snacks like a cappuccino creme brulee from Terralina Crafted Italian or a Cuban coffee cupcake from Sprinkles.


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There you have it. Whatever kind of coffee you enjoy—straight black, creamy & sugary, hot or cold, I want to wish you all a very caffeinated National Coffee Day.

And if you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation, be sure to check out DisneyCoffeeBlog.com for even more great coffees to add to your “must drink” vacation planning list.

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Matt Blackard is a Walt Disney World local and annual passholder. He’s a dad, husband, and works in the financial industry—but on nights and weekends, he has a pretend job of drinking coffee in Walt Disney World and blogging it all on DisneyCoffeeBlog.com.
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