CodeIllusion recently reached out and sent us their product, learning to code with Disney. Here’s my CodeIllusion review after playing and learning the program!

Coding can seem like a big, scary world for those of us unfamiliar with the languages of computers. But it’s becoming a crucial skill as the digital age pushes on.

Learning code can be hard, but the folks over at CodeIllusion are trying to make it more exciting by teaching coding with Disney!

Oh, and there’s a 10% off coupon at the end of this CodeIllusion review if you want to get the program for yourself!

The Materials

This is the package I received in the mail. It was really exciting getting to open this up and see what I was getting—I wasn’t really sure what to expect!

CodeIllusion Review Blue Package

My CodeIllusion package! Photo by Leah Sikes

The packaging was really well-done, and it made me look forward to getting started with the program. The “magic book” is so shiny  with beautiful gold foil, and I love the cover design. 

Gold detail on book cover codeillusion review

Technologia School of Magic book—with amazing gold details. Photo by Leah Sikes

I’m a really visual and kinetic person, and there’s something about in-person products that can’t be beat. 

I spent some time searching through this big magic book and flipping through the glossy pages, feeling the pages and examining all the details.

Mickey and friends in CodeIllusion book

Donald, Goofy, and Mickey, ready to teach you code! Photo by Leah Sikes

Books with “compartments” where you pull out papers out of folders or pockets were always my favorite when I was younger. This is full of extras like that, and lots of room for completing your lessons!

Pocket inside codeillusion book

Each chapter has a pocket full of materials for that section. Photo by Leah Sikes

There’s also a red folder titled “Secret Postcards” included. This has envelopes labeled to each chapter, and sealed with wax seals.

Secret Postcards inside folder coding with Disney

Secret Postcard envelopes. Photo by Leah Sikes

Talk about attention to detail! I love the way these look.

Wax Seal detail image in code book

Look at that beautiful wax seal. I can’t wait to peel it open! Photo by Leah Sikes

These components would have been enough to get younger me excited about coding. Not to mention the book is filled with images of favorite Disney characters! 

Setting Up

I started up the program immediately after opening everything up.

You should note that while this program doesn’t require many special materials or equipment, you will need:

  • A laptop or desktop computer, with a keyboard and mouse or trackpad (no tablets or phones)
  • An active internet connection, anytime you’re running CodeIllusion
  • Time—this isn’t a quick lesson you can do in a couple days. You (or your student) will need to dedicate time to CodeIllusion to get the most out of it.
Are You Ready? Codeillusion screenshot

Are you ready to begin your coding journey with CodeIllusion? Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

The set up process didn’t take me too long. If your child (especially younger ones) is doing this, they will likely need some help navigating the login and set-up process. 

Learning To Code

The first chapter is entirely learning basics, and while it’s not too difficult, it could take you a while to get through the story and the lessons. 

TIP: If you want to skip through the story and just do the lessons, you can hold down the enter button and “fast-forward.” It could still take a bit of time to get through, though.

There’s a basic storyline that runs through the whole game. It’s set up like an RPG (role-playing game) where you play as a transfer student at Technologia School of Magic. Magic here means coding! I think the fun way they spin the story is a great way to get kids into coding.

Technologia School of Magic

Technologia School of Magic, where you’re a student. Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

You move through dialogue with other transfer students and other characters you meet along the way, and in between the story, you take lessons to learn various aspects of coding.

Codeillusion review other transfer students characters

You and other transfer students, pictured here, work together to discover the magic at Technologia. Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

Plus, you have a little sidekick character named Mimir who will help you along the way, and act as your “teacher” of sorts in the coding lessons.

Mimir in Codeillusion review

Mimir is your helper as you go through the game! Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

In the first chapter, you find books to help you learn the computer basics (which you can skip if you know how to type, scroll, copy, and paste), then Media Art, Web Design, and Game Development. These teach you JavaScript, CSS & HTML, and Processing.

CSS and HTML with codeillusion review

Learn all about different coding languages, like CSS and HTML. Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

As you go through the lessons, Mimir teaches you and talks you through what you need to do.

I think the way they go about teaching you the various lessons make it easy to learn and pick up along the way.

Plus, they “quiz” you by having you remember various pieces of the code you’ve already learned. That really helps the different keywords stick in your brain.

Coding can get frustrating, because if you mess up one single piece, like a comma out of place, it can mess up everything. But here, there’s plenty of hints to help along the way if you get stuck.

Coding lessons in codeillusion

The set-up for the lessons, with hints, and a coding workspace. Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

I even had to use a few hints in the Game Development section! Personally, I am very familiar with the basics of Web Design, so those were easier for me.

If you’re a parent and are wanting your kids to go through CodeIllusion, be ready to help your children out if they get stuck, especially if they’re younger, and as they progress into the higher level chapters. You won’t need to know how to code, just look at the hints and compare to see what they’re doing incorrectly!

Oh, and I completely love having the book as a companion to the lessons. It give a really fun, tangible aspect to the game. You’ll solve puzzles, and progress through your book as you move along.

Using the book for CodeIllusion

The game instructs you when to use the companion book. Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

It’s fun to see it fill up! Plus, there’s lots of room for notes to write out things you learned in each section.

Secret Information in Book of Magic Codeillusion review

Fill out puzzles to progress the game! Photo by Leah Sikes

In the first chapter, you’ll meet Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, who each teach you a different subject.

Lessons in magic circle coding with disney

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy each teach different subjects. Image Courtesy of CodeIllusion

Once you’re ready to progress past the basics, you’ll really dive into some Disney stories (literally)!

Aladdin in Codeillusion magic book

You meet new Disney characters and stories as you progress in your learning. Photo by Leah Sikes

Further on in the story, your goal is to immerse yourself in Disney character stories and help the characters (like Aladdin, Rapunzel, Ariel, and more) with various issues.

You learn coding right alongside your Disney friends!

Not Just For Kids

Though this program is geared toward a younger audience, adults can use it to code as well! Like Rhemy, who used CodeIllusion to help launch a new career.

Rhemy is a Disney fanatic who picked up CodeIllusion to teach herself a new skill and change career paths. She worked in IT, while holding a part-time position at the Disney Store.

“As I progressed in the IT world, I realized that my interest in technology and my love for Disney CAN be combined into a lasting career,” Rhemy said.

“I began researching and talking to current cast members in Disney’s Seattle offices. Through these conversations I learned that a technology education is a big requirement to enter into that industry.”

Beauty and the beast in magic book

Learning coding can seem easier when you’re doing it with your favorite Disney friends. Photo by Leah Sikes

Then, Rhemy learned about CodeIllusion, and decided to give it a try!

“That is when I chose to leave my current position, and pursue higher education,” Rhemy said. “Disney CodeIllusion was present at the 2019 D23 Expo. The booth representatives were very informative and explained their program in great detail. The major draw was that I could learn all of the tech language needed for my new career path WITH the stories that I know and love.

The Bottom Line (And A Discount!)

Personally, I think CodeIllusion is a really innovative way to teach coding and am excited to finish the rest of the program for myself!

Even though I am familiar with web design, I know I can learn a lot more about the medium. This feels like a great way to learn a new skill and have fun doing it.

If you want to pick up CodeIllusion for yourself or for your children, be sure and use our 10% off code, WDW10!

Disclaimer: This CodeIllusion review post is sponsored by CodeIllusion, and we may receive a portion of sales from your CodeIllusion purchase. Thank you to CodeIllusion for sending us all of the materials for their program!

Leah Sikes
Leah Sikes

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