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Looking to spice up your new year with all new accessories? The new Disney X Baublebar collection is for those looking to kick off the new year #DisneyStyle!

Baublebar is known for their unique, charming, and extravagant jewelry, which makes them perfect accessories for the Disney parks! Walt Disney World is the one place where I feel safe to experiment with style.

Baublebar’s signature style reflects in their chic and magnificent earrings. Their earrings are big, bold, and bedazzled– which is everything I look for in accessories.

I always say that at Walt Disney World you can dress as wildly or mildly as you’d like– the point is that you can be yourself around your fellow Disney people!

Last year shopDisney released a collaboration with Baublebar, and I purchased a few more pieces than I should have!

They released the cutest little dangly character earrings inspired by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.

Mickey Earrings

Photo Courtesy of shopDisney

Most of the collection released last year is no longer available, but luckily Baublebar has released a new Disney collection, but just as much charm and appeal.

Bridal Minnie Mouse Studs

2020 was the year of postponed weddings. I know a bride-to-be who postponed her wedding that was meant to be in October 2020, until October 2022.

On top of the disappointment brides are facing, there is still an uncertainty what the future will hold for weddings.

Bridal Minnie Mouse Studs

Here comes the bride! Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

If you know a bride or groom who are going through the stresses and disappointments of a delayed wedding, you can brighten their day with these adorable little accessories.

I know nothing can make up for the fact that their big day had to be pushed back… but pretty jewelry can certainly help.

Bridal Minnie Mouse Studs-1

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

Bday Minnie Mouse Studs

The one thing that can’t be cancelled in 2021 is birthdays! Small birthday celebrations at home were the trend in 2020, and now these festivities will be extending into 2021.

Fear not, birthday lovers, the time to celebrate in the big leagues (like at Walt Disney World) will come again!

Bday Minnie Studs

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

But for now, we will have to keep our birthday celebrations to small numbers. That doesn’t mean you don’t get to dress the part of the birthday girl!

These are my favorite earrings from this collection! I love that Minnie’s bow is meant to look like foil balloons. These are the perfect earrings to wear at your at-home-birthday-celebration!

Bday Minnie Studs

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

Rainbow Minnie Mouse Studs

I absolutely love wearing anything that has to do with rainbows! Why wear one color, when you can wear them all?

Minnie Mouse Rainbow Studs 2

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

These earrings are loaded with all of the colors of the rainbow– they’re perfect, and they make me miss the summer. I can’t wait to walk down Main Street U.S.A. with these flashy little accessories.

Not to mention, they would be a great addition to any ensemble you put together this June for Pride Month!

Rainbow Minnie Mouse Studs 1

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

2021 Minnie Mouse Studs

After the year we had in 2020, it’s time we celebrate the beginnings that 2021 has to offer. If you rejoiced at midnight when we rang in the new year (and kissed 2020 goodbye), then these earrings are the perfect accessory for you.

2021 earrings

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

What I love about clothing, ornaments, or accessories that have a year printed on them is that you can use those items to commemorate a special event or milestone.

If you have an important birthday, anniversary, or other life achievement in 2021, these earrings are the perfect way for you to wear that milestone or accomplishment wherever you go!

Minnie Mouse Earrings 2021

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Studs

If you don’t wear flashy colors or bright accessories, these simple and classic studs are for you. Mickey and Minnie are staples for every Disney fan, so these earrings just make sense.

Another bonus about these earrings is that if you are having a hard time deciding which earrings to get then these might be the safest choice. They’re cute and are like jeans in the sense that they will go with everything!

Mickey and Minnie Earrings

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

Mickey and Minnie Pisa Bracelets

If you’re not an earring person, Baublebar has something for you too! One of my favorite trends is stacked bracelets.

Stacking Alex and Ani bracelets were all the rage at the parks a few years ago, and these bracelets will allow you to achieve the same stackable style.

Stacked Disney Bracelets

Photo Courtesy of Baublebar

These types of thin bracelets look great grouped together but also look classy and refined on their own. I like to pair thin gold bracelets with a gold tone watch.

That kind of style looks very Pinterest chic!

To shop the entire Disney X Baublebar Collection, click here!

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