Check Out the Disney Wish Cruise Ship’s Grand Hall Wedding Venue

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Who could possibly do fairy-tale weddings better than Disney? The breathtaking Grand Hall found aboard the Disney Wish cruise ship makes the answer to that question quite clear indeed.

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Say I Do in 2022 in the Gorgeous Grand Hall


Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

The all-new, all-incredible Disney Wish cruise ship takes its maiden voyage on June 20, 2022. If you and your partner look to get married sometime next year, you could be one of the first to exchange vows in the Grand Hall.

And, hoo-boy, does the Grand Hall ever live up to its name. Drawing inspiration from Disney classics like Cinderella, the three-floor venue promises to be one of the most picturesque places in the world for tying the knot.

The focal point of the Grand Hall is a marvelous Wishing Star chandelier that looms over the center of the space like a prized jewel. This bright centerpiece looks positively enchanted, drawing the eye to the shimmering columns that appear to have formed from Tinkerbell’s pixie dust.

When you arrive in the Grand Hall, you’ll get a most special greeting from a Disney icon. A golden statue of Cinderella stands ready near the incredible staircase, ushering you on to the ball you’ve dreamt of since you were a child.


Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

You can bet that the magic of the Disney Wish cruise’s Grand Hall will shine through for years to come in wedding photos. And if it’s this impressive in photos, just think how it will feel to be there in the moment with the person you love most.

Disney Wish Promises the Cruise of a Lifetime

If you’re not looking to get hitched quite so soon — or you’re already happily spoken for — you’ll still have plenty of reasons to book your spot on the Disney Wish.

Looking to take a romantic vacation for two? Disney Wish offers grown-up-friendly amenities like the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge and fine dining at the Palo Steakhouse.

You can catch a showing of Aladdin and get a taste of Broadway on the high seas. And when it comes time to wind down the day, there’s no better spot for it than the Quiet Cove Pool (with a dedicated bar, no less) or the Senses Spa.

Of course, there’s also tons to see and do if you’re bringing along the whole fam. Everyone’s sure to love a trip aboard the AquaMouse, the first-ever Disney attraction on the sea.

With all of this, unique dining experiences, and incredible accommodations, Disney Wish promises to be the cruise vacation you’ve been waiting for. And especially so if you’re planning for an unforgettable wedding.

Disney Wish officially opens for bookings on May 27. If the Grand Hall is where you want to experience your special day, our friends at Destinations to Travel are ready to propose … a vacation that you can’t refuse, that is.

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