Limited-Time Tasting Sampler Now Available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Courtney ReynoldsAnimal Kingdom, Blog

Here’s the scoop on the new limited-time tasting sampler that’s now available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this winter! Limited-Time Tasting Sampler Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s culinary line-up is known for its bold flavors and delicious bites. What better way to experience the flavors of Animal Kingdom than to try out the new limited-time Tasting Sampler this … Read More

Animal Kingdom Lodge Welcomes Baby Okapi

Courtney ReynoldsAnimal Kingdom, Blog

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge announced the birth of an adorable baby okapi calf on October 18th, World Okapi Day. Welcome Baby Okapi! On October 1st, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge welcomed a baby okapi calf to parents Zelda and Mandazi. Disney announced the birth on October 18th in honor of World Okapi Day. Upon birth, the … Read More

Animal Kingdom Safari Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Courtney ReynoldsAnimal Kingdom, Blog

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has another new addition to the Kilimanjaro Safari – a two-month-old baby giraffe named Aella. Meet the Baby Giraffe Aella (pronounced “eye-la”) was born on June 29th. After two months of bonding and nursing with her mom Lily, she made her debut on the savanna on August 28th. Guests can easily spot … Read More

Baby Mandrill Born at Animal Kingdom

Stephanie ShusterAnimal Kingdom, Blog

Welcome, baby mandrill! Kilimanjaro Safaris just got a little cuter this Wednesday, August 8, when Animal Kingdom welcomed their newest baby mandrill. A New Baby on Kilimanjaro Safaris The baby was born to Scarlett and Winston, two mandrill residents of Kilimanjaro. Mandrills are a recognizable species of monkey, with their large blue and red noses … Read More