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Have you ever wondered what the REAL scoop is on how to get the best parade spot or why there seem to be so many rules at WDW?  Today we have those answers and more, from a former Disney Cast Member!

From bus drivers to ride attendants, Cast Members want to make magic happen! Photo by Judd Helms.

From bus drivers to ride attendants, Cast Members want to make magic happen! Photo by Judd Helms.

We are friends, not enemies

Do you ever see a Cast Member just standing around?  It is our job, we are waiting on someone to look lost, ask us a question or find a child to bring a little magic to.  If a Cast Member is ever just standing around please strike up a conversation!  We love to talk to all of you and hear stories/tell stories.

50% of online “Cast Member Secrets” are fake

The other half are usually just facts or things you can find on the Disney website. There is a lot of history, and many stories to be told; however, our jobs are just like any other jobs.  Yes, we have rules and looks and guidelines, but they are there for a reason and if we did not like them we would not work at Disney.  Anything you want to know about working for the company you can go on the company website and learn all about it — no secrets.

We will not break the magic

Cast Members range from hotel staff to characters to ride attendants to custodians to food service workers.  We are great story tellers, and you will not break us.  Please do not ask about things that are non-Disney appropriate or you think you will get some crazy answer out of us.  Our job is to go out of the way to make and keep the magic alive and real.

Unfortunately, all Cast Member’s knowledge is not equal

Have you ever encountered the most helpful joyous cast member ever and just made your day better?  Great!  That is the way it should be.  Cast Members are supposed to go out of their way to find the answers to your questions.

Unfortunately, cast members have bad days or let things distract and get in the way of their jobs and goals.  You can usually tell these apart from the Cast Members that are giving it their all.  If you do not get the right information or a less than positive response from one cast member do not take it the wrong way, just continue on and ask another that will be able to get you all the information you need.

Everything we do has a reason, and there is a reason for everything

Want to climb a pole because you can’t see?  An hour late on your FastPass+?  There are things that we have to be the rule enforcer on because there are more reasons for it than a guest can think of right at that moment.  We do not say or do things to make your vacation any less magical, but safety and reasoning come before that for us.

Some Cast Members are there just to make sure precautions are in place, everyone is safe, and if something does happen, that it all goes smoothly and no additional guest are inconvenienced.

Find out how to get a front-row spot to watch Festival of Fantasy! Photo by Wayne Wood.

Find out how to get a front-row spot to watch Festival of Fantasy! Photo by Wayne Wood.

If you won’t do it at home, please do not do it in our home

This may seem simple, and yes it is part of all Cast Members jobs, but seeing tons of people clearing out of one area and nothing but trash left, or seeing a guest drop something on purpose just because, is such a sinking feeling.  Would you leave trash and things on the floor, railing, or furniture at your home, would your guest?  Our home has over 100 trashcans in each park and we ask you to please think of it as more than just a park.

Arrive early, Always!

Whether it is for dinner reservations or for a parade spot, if you do not arrive early do not complain. If you expect to be eating at your reservation time, arrive 15min ahead.  If you want to make that FastPass+ reservation, start walking to your attraction at least 10mins early.  This includes seeing the parades – think ahead and do not try to take someone else’s spot if you decide to attend at the last minute.

Cast Members will always stand up for the person that was there first, and we will try to help you find another spot but some people do wait over an hour to be in that spot.

We like honey… not vinegar

Niceness goes a looooong way with us.  Out of all the people we talk to in a day, we will remember that nicest of guests over the worst.  Basic message here: please be nice to the Cast Members.

We do not make the rules (we may not even like some of the rules sometimes)… but we are taught why they are put in place and why we must enforce them.  So please do not take it out on us if things are going wrong or you hate the way something is.  Chances are in fact, if you talk to us about it we can understand better and tell our managers about it helping develop a solution in the long run.

Thanks so much to guest blogger and former Disney Cast Member Katie Prevot for sharing these tips with us!  If you want help planning your next WDW vacation from a real insider, Katie now works with Destinations to Travel – so get in touch with them today and start planning your next magical adventure!

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