Cakeworthy Disney Halloween: Their Spookiest Collection Yet!

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Embroidered Disney VIllain Jean Jacket

I haven’t been this excited for Halloween since, well, last Halloween! This year, I am even more excited for the Cakeworthy Disney Halloween Collection!

Normally I celebrate my favorite time of the year at Disney. I mean. think about it! Halloween and Disney—can you think of anything better?

Sadly, I won’t be going to WDW this October, and seeing as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party has been cancelled this year, I think a lot of people are in the same boat as me.

The way I’ve been filling the MNSSHP void is by shopping—a lot of shopping. There have been many small shops that have launched spooky season inspired merch, but there was one brand that I couldn’t wait to see their Halloween collection from!

Cakeworthy is my favorite brand that carries licensed Disney clothing and I had a good feeling for their fall collection. Just when you think Cakeworthy can’t top themselves, they do!

Thanks to our friends over at Cakeworthy, we’re able to keep the spirit of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party alive with their new spooky collection!

Here are the Halloween pieces that you can shop for over at Cakeworthy.

Haunted Mansion Designs

Does your closet have room for one more? Or maybe room for a lot more?

The Haunted Mansion is a Disney fan favorite, which is why I think Cakeworthy gave this attraction extra love and attention this spooky season.

In the newest Cakeworthy drop you can find plenty of Haunted Mansion themed clothing, including two dresses, two flannels, and a wickedly spectacular embroidered jean jacket.

Who can forget those haunting eyes on the wallpaper in Master Gracey’s mansion? They are one of the most identifiable pattern on Haunted Mansion merch.

I am so happy they chose to put this pattern on a dress. This style of dress is one of Cakeworthy’s staples. What’s great about this dress is that it’s not only comfy, but it’s flattering on most body types.


Haunted Mansion AOP Dresses Cakeworthy

AOP Haunted Mansion dresses! Photo Courtesy of Cakeworthy

If you got your hands on the Disney Princess embroidered jean jacket from Cakeworthy, then consider yourself lucky! It was one of their most popular products, and it doesn’t stay in stock long.

This new collection has two spooky denim jackets, and one of those designs is themed after The Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion Embroidered Jean Jacket

I love the details in this jacket! Photo Courtesy of Cakeworthy

Look at all of the fantastic details in this jacket! On the front you can see “999” referring to a large plot point of the attraction. 999 Happy Haunts live in The Haunted Mansion… but there’s room for 1000.

Hanted Mansion Plaid Flannel

Iconic slogans from The Haunted Mansion on two flannels! Photo Courtesy of Cakeworthy

I swear by Cakeworthy flannels. They are the perfect thing to pack in your bags for a cool night at the Disney Parks (or anywhere you go). They are lightweight and practical, but also comfortable, warm and stylish.

I love the coloring of these flannels, they are themed so perfectly to The Haunted Mansion aesthetic.

Hocus Pocus Designs

Another glorious Hocus Pocus collab… makes me sick (with excitement).

Cakeworthy’s Hocus Pocus designs are the perfect way to get rid of your MNSSHP blues. One of my favorite shows at WDW is The Sanderson Sister castle show at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It’s wickedly fun, sarcastic, and full of our favorite Disney Villains.

Hocus Pocus Flannels Cakeworthy

Photo Courtesy of Cakeworthy

Instead of wearing these styles to MNSSHP this year, they are the perfect flannels to wear to the pumpkin patch or trips to Starbucks for your daily pumpkin spice latte!

FUN FACT: Does the house above look familiar to you at all? This house is Max and Dani’s house in Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus House

That was such a fun idea for their photoshoot! Photo Courtesy of Disney+

Cakeworthy went to Salem, MA, to take photos of their Hocus Pocus flannels last year. You’d better hurry and buy your flannels while supplies last! Last year they sold out pretty quickly.

I love this AOP (all over print) Sanderson Sister design! It comes in a dress and a pajamas set. Don’t the pjs make you want to have a Hocus Pocus sleepover with your friends and watch the movie?

Hocus Pocus dress

Photo Courtesy of Cakeworthy

Hocus Pocus PJS

They just look so comfy Photo Courtesy of Cakeworthy

Disney Villains Jean Jacket

Now THIS is my favorite piece from the entire collection. My all time favorite denim jacket that I own is the Disney Princess jean jacket from Cakeworthy, and now that this one has just been released, it might just take the number one spot.

Disney Villains are so much fun, and this jacket showcases all of our favorites.

Embroidered Disney VIllain Jean Jacket

This is my favorite piece from the Halloween collection! Photo Courtesy of Cakeworthy

Cakeworthy is notorious for selling out of their clothes quickly. It’s not because they don’t make enough… it’s because they’re so popular, they can’t keep up!

Make sure you act fast and get the pieces that you love before it’s too late!

Click here for $10 off of your Cakeworthy order of $50 or more!

Happy shopping my fellow Disney shopaholics.

Cakeworthy is Having a Sample Sale!

If you live in Ontario, then this exciting news is for you! Cakeworthy is hosting a sample sale at their warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario, on September 19, and the prices are to die for.

Check out the details for Cakeworthy’s sample sale event here!

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