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My sister and I used to cycle through three Disney VHS tapes when we were little: The Goofy Movie, Cinderella, and Hercules.

Hercules was one of our favorite movies, and it never failed to make us laugh. We found Pain and Panic to be funny, quirky little sidekicks, and we were drawn to Megara’s strong and sassy attitude.

As kids, we loved the soundtrack, and that carried through to my adult life as well.  In my opinion, Go The Distance is the most inspirational song that Disney has released—it is also my favorite song, so I am biased.

The plot is fascinating because it is closely based on Greek Mythology about Haracles, the son of Zeus.

Disney ended up going with the name “Hercules” which is actually Haracles’  Roman name.

In honor of Hercules’ 23rd birthday, I am going to share some of my favorite facts about the production!

Hades is Where It’s At

Hades is my favorite Disney Villain. He is a notorious smooth talker, which oddly enough makes this villain likable.

Jack Nicholson was considered for the role of Hades, but James Wood blew the casting directors away during his audition with his approach to the character.

If you haven’t Disneybounded as a Disney Villain before then I suggest you start with Hades! He is really fun to bring to life through accessories and colors that you normally wouldn’t wear.

Check out these Hades influenced Disneybounds to fire up some inspiration for your next Disneybound.

Hercules' Hades DisneyBound

“Name’s Hades, Lord of the dead…” Photo courtesy of Heather Alvarez

Spice up Your (Under) World!

Remember The Spice Girls—that fantastically fabulous girl-band from the ’90s? They were meant to voice The Muses and were even going to have their very own song.

The Spice Girls - The Muses Hercules

Can you imagine if these ladies voiced The Muses? Photo Courtesy of

Due to scheduling conflicts, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Ginger Spice, Posh Spice, and Baby Spice were not able to step in and voice the glamorous and funny narrators of the story!

Megara—The Big Tough Girl

Megara is one of my favorite Disney characters! I dressed up as her at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2017, and it was one of my favorite costumes I have ever worn.

My Nonna sewed this costume for me because I wasn’t able to find a Meg costume, and it turned out so great!

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I am not just a big fan of Megara, but I am also a fan of pop sensation Ariana Grande.

When I heard Ariana was going to cover Meg’s iconic song from the movie for Disney’s Family Singalong I “called dibs” on the TV for that night so I could watch it live!

This was a much-needed crossover! If I were to pick my dream cast from the Hercules live-action movie, I would want Ariana to portray meg! She’d be perfect!

Check out her performance of I Won’t Say I’m In Love here:

I have never been so lucky to meet Megara in the parks, but I have seen her during select performance of Fantasmic, and Disney Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom.

Villains After Hours

Meg and Hades butt heads in Villains Unite the Night. Photo by Cliff Wang.

Danny DeVito is Phil

Phil (or Philoctetes) is a character based off of a centaur in the original Greek legends, and in the movie acts as Hercules’ very stubborn and irritable trainer.

The similarity between Phil and the actor who voices the character, Danny DeVito, is not a coincidence.

Danny Devito

Images Courtesy of IMDb and Disney

Phil is illustrated to be short, stout and … well, bald. This portrayal is very similar to Danny DeVito’s appearance, and the studio admitted that the character was inspired heavily by Danny DeVito.

Live-Action Remake!

Hercules fans will be excited to learn that we’re finally getting a live-action remake, 23 years after the official release date!

We do not know who has been officially cast for the remake of this iconic Disney classic.

We are so excited about this movie that we put together a dream cast list for this remake! Check it out here!

Hercules - Disney+

Photo Courtesy of Disney+

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