Behind the Scenes: Joffrey’s Jazzy Java Blend Had Me Crooning

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How Joffrey’s Jazzy Java inspired us to put sounds and music into print.

It takes a lot of coffee to produce a music issue like this.

For our May 2021 issue of WDW Magazine, we wanted to celebrate the songs and sounds of Disney Parks and films.

But we faced a big question—how do you get across a cacophony of sound on the silent pages of a magazine?

Step 1: Coffee. 

Maybe that sounds like a chalkboard sign in a cottagecore kitchen, but for an editorial department, it’s the truth.

Here’s how our May 2021 ‘Music to My Ears’ issue was developed—and how an Emporer’s New Groove mug of Joffrey’s Jazzy Java Blend helped make it happen.

Joffrey’s Jazza Java Blend

Joffreys Jazzy Java and Emporers New Groove Mug

Joffrey’s heard my plight to stay caffeinated when I to combed through interviews and dug up archival photos for our February issue.

Joffrey’s has kindly provided blends to match each theme of our upcoming magazine issue. They both inspire my workday and fire up those neurons.

For May, they sent me a bag of Jazzy Java Blend.

This is a 100% Arabica bean blend with spicy cinnamon, smooth rum, and roasted pecans. The inspiration came from New Orleans and the jazz that permeates the entire city.

There is some simple mindfulness in starting my day with a coffee themed to the issue I’m working on.

Seeing the vibrant trumpet player on the bag each morning, smelling and drinking the spiced blend… I was soundly motivated while editing the music issue.

This Issue Has a Playlist

WDW Magazine_May 2021 Issue_Enchanted Tiki Playlist_Blanken

Want to recreate the conditions required for a sleepy editor to transform into a singing, dancing, Disney fan?

To bring our melodic May issue to life, we added something a little extra for our readers: A QR code link to a special playlist designed especially for the May Issue of WDW Magazine.

With the custom playlist, you can listen along to songs and sounds! Including this earworm…

How the Birds Sang Words

WDW Magazine Joffreys Jazzy Java May 2021 Issue Enchanted Tiki Room

…and the flowers crooned!

A music-focused issue was the perfect place to dive into the origins of Audio-Animatronics.

This revolutionary technology was developed by Imagineers because Walt Disney found an old mechanical bird he really liked.

For this article, our attractions columnist, Jamie Cattanach, did a deep dive into the history of not just the Enchanted Tiki Room, but also how Audio-Animatronics came into being.

Now you can put your camera away next time and just sing along. See what we do for you?

And if you’ve ever tried and failed miserably to take photos inside the low light of the Tiki Room (same), feast your eyes on our photography team pics.

If you want to find out how the Tiki Room was developed (and why the word “poop” appears in the story), grab our May 2021 issue in the shop.

Mischief in Mystic Manor

WDW Magazine Joffreys Jazzy Java May 2021 Issue Mystic Manor

If you read our Haunted Mansion attraction special, you know that Mystic Manor is a distant cousin of the Gracey Manor.

Spirits are regarded differently in Chinese culture, so Hong Kong Disneyland is home to an upbeat version of a madcap mansion tour.

For the majority of our Asian park coverage, we work with Chris Nilghe.

You may know him as TDR Explorer on YouTube, where he shows us how to navigate Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

Chris knows his stuff and always over-delivers (editors love that kind of thing).

In this article, he tells us all about the systems that power the ride, and what the ride experience is like (since a lot of us have yet to ride it).

That Musical Lil Droid

WDW Magazine Joffreys Jazzy Java May 2021 Issue Disneybounders

Our popular Disneybounders column by Aly Sferlazza offers style inspiration for your next Disney trip.

In our May issue, we wanted to add some music to the mix and work in a bit of Star Wars. How about a tweeting, whistling, and hooting little droid?

R2D2 was our cheeky musical choice for the issue, and so well represented by these enthusiastic Disneybounders!

Aly reaches out to all of the social media personalities that appear in our Disneybounders column, secures photo permissions, and even takes a lot of the flat lay photos herself.

Shout out to this hard-working lady for sharing reader styles with the world.

May is Available in the Shop!

Behind the Scenes WDW Magazine May 2021 Issue Planning

My messy notes eventually became real pages.

Also included in our May issue:

  • An interview with Jeffrey Sherman: As the son of one of the famous Sherman Brothers, he grew up visiting the Walt Disney Studios. What did Walt say to him that made a young Jeffrey forget all about tuna sandwiches?
  • Raglan Road: Here’s why this is a can’t-miss for music lovers—and the specialty dessert that will have you crooning.
  • The Soul of Jazz at EPCOT: Have you seen this new exhibit yet? One musical artifact made us whistle.
  • Top 5 Songs that Transcend their Attractions: Do you agree with our list of infamous Disney Parks tunes?

Click here to grab the May issue from our shop and grab a bag of Joffrey’s Jazzy Java to drink along with.

I was provided with a bag of Jazzy Java Blend by Joffrey’s. My opinions, and hoarding of Disney mugs, are my own.

Written by Rain Blanken

Written by Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is the frying pan-wielding editorial director for WDW Magazine. She is a published author who has been working in digital media for 15 years. She is a DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, former Disney Vacation Planner, and would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night. Did you like this article? Tip Rain in tartar sauce...