Batuu Bounding On A Budget at Disney World

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Batuu Bounding On A Budget

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open on both coasts!  From Disneyland in California to Disney World in Florida, fans are flocking to visit the planet of Batuu, and dressing to blend in with the local citizens of Black Spire Outpost.  Want to know how you can put together your own Batuuan outfit without forking over too many galactic credits (or their equivalent, US dollars)?  Read on…

You’ve probably seen the term Disneybounding in the Disney fan community – it’s a fun way to mix modern fashion with nods to your favorite Disney characters and attractions, in the parks or everyday!  With the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, fans have turned to a specific craze of Batuu Bounding – that is, dressing in outfits that look like they belong on the planet of Batuu – sometimes with a subtle nod to characters or planets in the Star Wars franchise.

What’s Batuu Bounding All About?

There are two big reasons you’ll want to Batuu Bound at Galaxy’s Edge.  First, it’s FUN!  And second, your outfit will act as a visual cue to Cast Members that you’re up to “play along” with the high-concept land (Cast Members here don’t acknowledge that they are in a Disney park, know what Disney is, or have heard of Star Wars… after all, they’re LIVING THE STAR WARS!).  If you Batuu Bound, it’s much more likely you’ll have a memorable interaction with the Citizens of Batuu, like being invited to play a game of sabacc, chatting about your vacation plans to visit the Endor moon, or inquiring about your status as a pilot for Hondo Ohnaka.

So, why not just dress as your favorite Star Wars character?  Well, that would be weird – you’d be dressing as Luke Skywalker in a place where they believe in the legend of Luke.  But since you’re in a Disney park, there are still dress code guidelines to follow: namely, don’t dress like a character, no capes, and no body armor.  Leave those Stormtrooper suits, Chewie masks, and Jedi robes at home people!  You have to be careful even dressing too much like a citizen of Batuu – it could be considered a costume and result in denied entry.

If, like me, you’ve spent a small fortune on your Disney World trip and collection of Star Wars graphic tees, you’ll want to read these tips to Batuu Bound on a budget.  These outfits have been tried and tested in Florida, because that subtropical climate results in pretty hot, humid weather that precludes dressing in in the layers, vests, and boots that guests in California faithfully wear.  And I never want to owe Jabba a single credit, so these looks were put together on the cheap!

Batuu Bounding Rey Inspired Look

Rey-inspired Batuu Bound on a Budget. Photo by Danny Shuster

Rey-Inspired Batuu Bounding on a Budget

This is a breezy look inspired by Rey and her home planet of Jakku.  This outfit cost me about $30 at Old Navy – my secret is to hit the clearance racks for Disneybounding of any kind – buying bright solid colors, even if the sizes aren’t quite right (as long as they are safe, comfortable, and alterable).  The tank and leggings are actually a size too big, but the belt helps bring the tank in, and the extra stretchy leggings were welcome after feasting at Docking Bay 7. I bought the tank, leggings, necklace and belt for this outfit, and already had the sandals (from Payless) and ring.

Batuu Bounding Rey Outfit Details

Battuan details for a Rey-inspired outfit. Photo by Danny Shuster

I like the mixed metal look of the big belt buckle and the “hammered” ring and necklace, especially when paired with brown in the belt and sandals to tie it all together.  The leggings feature strappy cutouts at the ankle – another tip I love, which is to look for small details with big impact!

Batuu Bounding Porg Inspired Look

Porg-inspired Batuu Bound on a Budget. Photo by Danny Shuster

Porg-Inspired Batuu Bounding on a Budget

This outfit cost me a whole $6 (if you count the belt as part of the purchase for the Rey outfit).  The shoes, bracelet, and Porg were already in my collection.  This outfit was dreamed up because of my love of Porgs – but with a bunch of gold accessories I think this could really word as a C-3PO bound too.  I stayed away from too much metallic material in these looks as the Citizens of Batuu are more into layers upon layers of textured textiles.

Batuu Bounding Porg Outfit Details

Battuan details for a Porg-inspired outfit. Photo by Danny Shuster

These shoes are super comfy Nikes and they actually had a high retail value, but I scored them on sale at an outlet mall, marked down to just $34.  I already had these in my closet (I bought them thinking they could work for a Buzz Lightyear, Ursula, or Aladdin Disneybound… I love buying pieces that work for a number of outfits), but I bring it up as another tip – always, always look for sales.  Everyone else’s trash are your Disneybounding treasures!  And yes, that Porg is magnetic and sits on my shoulder – it’s the perfect park companion!

Batuu Bounding Leia Inspired Look

Leia-inspired Batuu Bound on a Budget. Photo by Danny Shuster

Leia-Inspired Batuu Bounding on a Budget

This outfit was again around $30 – I got the Her Universe vest on sale at The Disney Store (pro tip: Her Universe stuff often ends up on sale at The Disney Store, Hot Topic and Torrid – it’s a great way to pick up trendy pieces for way less!)  The leggings, long sleeve tee, and shoes I already owned (though those were another Old Navy clearance find two years ago).  I love this spacey take of crisp white, blue, and silver when taking pics at the ships throughout the land.  It’ll be PERFECT when Rise of the Resistance opens.

Batuu Bounding Leia Outfit Details

Battuan details for a Leia-inspired outfit. Photo by Danny Shuster

This one is a great example of starting with what you already have before you buy anything new.  You probably have items in your closet that make up most of the items you’ll need.  Blue leggings? Check!  White top? Check!  Blue nail polish? Check!  R2D2 Pez, just for fun?  Check!  Add in the perfect hairstyle and you’re good to go.

Batuu Bounding Jedi Inspired Look

Jedi-inspired Batuu Bound on a Budget. Photo by Danny Shuster

Jedi-Inspired Bounding on a Budget

The only thing I had to buy for this Jedi look was the olive open-back tank top (another $12 Old Navy find – this is NOT a commercial for them, I swear!  Check out places like Target, T.J. Maxx, Ross, department stores, fast fashion retailers and even thrift shops for affordable pieces to create your looks!) – the linen sort-of-harem pants have been in my closet for a decade, and the Sanuk sandals I bought last year just happened to perfectly compliment the bohemian backpacking vibe I was going for with this one.

Batuu Bounding Jedi Outfit Details

Battuan details for a Jedi-inspired outfit. Photo by Danny Shuster

This look pulled in details like a cargo backpack covered in patches and a Padawan braid.  Again, lots of straps, knots, and structured textiles played nicely to bring this look home.  Sometimes things that you don’t thing do, or should, go together make the perfect combination for a Batuu Bound.

Batuu Bounding Hair Styles

Battuan inspired hair styles. Photo by Danny Shuster

Easy and Cheap Star Wars Hair Styles

Hairstyles are one of the biggest ways you can accessorize an outfit on minimalist Batuu, and with a little practice they can be easy and fun to create!  All you need are a few hair elastics and bobby pins, and you’re good to go!  All of the hairstyles pictured above took under two minutes (key when you’re dashing out the door to Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

In the top left, you’ll see the classic “Rey buns” which only requires you to make three looped ponytails at the back of your head.  Top right is my favorite – Batuuan pigtails! All you have to do is start with pigtails then used tiny elastics every couple inches and poof out your hair – this works for long and short styles and would by great as a high-ponytail or side-ponytail option too!  Bottom left is an easy take on Leia’s cinnamon bun hair (who has THAT MUCH HAIR anyway?), done as low buns behind the ears.  Finally, bottom right is a top-knot style bun with a few strands pulled out to make a small braid like the Padawan Jedis wear.  Waterfall braids, fishtail braids, crown braids, pull through braids, and rope twist braids would all be great options too.  How on-trend!

And while we’re on beauty tips – makeup in Batuu is easy peasy!  Either go with none, or an au naturale look with neutral tones – no bright colors or overdone liner and lipstick needed here!  A swipe of bronzer, lip balm, and some anti-shine powder and you’re Batuu-camera-ready!

We’d love to see your Batuu Bounding looks!  Be sure to tag @wdwmagazine on your Instagram posts when you’re putting together your very own budget savvy Batuu Bounds!

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