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Thomas is an avid Disney enthusiast, visiting the parks 2-3 times a year and filling a lot of his free time with Disney related entertainment. In between Disney adventures, Thomas teaches high school English and coaches wrestling, and is a proud husband and dad. Follow Thomas on Instagram.

5 Reasons Cruella De Vil is the Scariest Disney Villain

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hocus pocus villain spelltacular cruella de vil

I have been seeing Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Cinderella Lattes showing up everywhere I turn. There are decorations and Hocus Pocus apparel in stores and online. That can only mean one thing: Halloween season is here! To celebrate this beloved holiday, I thought it would be wickedly fun to take a look at Disney Villains.  … Read More

Riley From Inside Out Can Teach Us A Lot About Emotions

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Riley from Inside Out

Today, I am continuing my tips from Disney character series with Riley from Inside Out! I live with three very strong, beautiful women.  Each day, I am treated to every emotional expression ever portrayed. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can even get multiple emotions at the same time from different people on the same issue! … Read More

7 Ways to Live A Simpler Life, Like Olaf

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Olaf in summer

This summer has been extremely hot. Like, sweltering, uncomfortably hot.  It has also been other uncomfortable things, including, but not limited to: stressful, chaotic, overwhelming, emotionally draining, tiring, or any other thing that can drive you out of your mind. So, what do you do when you need an escape? You take advice from those … Read More

Change Your Fate—Lessons to Learn from Merida

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Merida from brave

For the longest time, our Friday family routine has been “Pizza and Movie Night.” Each week, we order the same pizzas from the same place with the same sauces and the same sides, and each week we rotate who chooses movies.  We gravitate to choosing Disney movies, and if not we most often choose personal … Read More

Disneyland Delays Reopening Due To Covid-19 Spikes

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Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland delays Reopening

If you have recently planned to head to California in July for your next Disney experience, you may want to look into adjusting your travel plans. In a proactive measure in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic spikes, Disneyland delays reopening for the time being. This includes both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in … Read More