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Kurdt is an avid Disney fan and full-time computer geek, working as both tech support at home and as the web producer of WDW Magazine. His favorite WDW park is Hollywood Studios, and his favorite Disney "princess" is H.R. Giger's Alien.

Disney and Danny Elfman: You Know, Besides Jack Skellington

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Danny Elfman and disney

If you’re thinking Disney and Halloween, the very first movie that comes to mind is likely The Nightmare Before Christmas. For which, Danny Elfman both composed the score and provided the singing voice for everyone’s favorite not-so-scary Pumpkin king.  The stop-motion classic is just one of many films that Danny Elfman worked on and only … Read More

Tim Burton, Frankenweenie, and How to Get Fired by Disney

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Was Tim Burton fired by Disney? Oh, it’s quite a tail (and a head, and some stitching). Nowadays, the name “Tim Burton” is one that’s synonymous with many Disney heavy-hitters, including Alice in Wonderland, James and the Giant Peach, and of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Believe it or not, Tim Burton was actually fired … Read More