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Carl Trent takes his love of Disney seriously. He is the founder of WDW Magazine, Dad’s Guide to WDW, The Best of WDW – Volume 1, and the WDW Discount Club.

Walt Disney World in YOUR Hands!

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Walt Disney World, the Most Magical Place on Earth! Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you miss Walt Disney World? Do you long for Home? Are you going to Disney World? Do you need a WDW fix? Do you want to keep up with all the changes happening at WDW? If you … Read More

Happy 45th Birthday to Walt Disney World

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October 1 is always a big day around our house. Why, you might ask? Oh, that’s easy. October 1st is the birthday of Walt Disney World! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Walt Disney World, Happy Birthday to you. We go around singing that song all day. It’s silly, I … Read More

Walt Disney World for Boys in Video

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This month we are featuring what there is for boys to do at Walt Disney World. Over on our Facebook page we’ve done several Facebook Live videos from different locations that are boy friendly. So lets just look at a few things at Walt Disney World for boys. We’ve got several more videos coming in … Read More

What is there for boys at Walt Disney World?

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What is there for boys at Walt Disney World? Isn’t WDW just for girls? We hear it all time time. Walt Disney World is all Princesses, Castles, ribbons and girly stuff. Right? Not so much. Here’s a little secret. There is a lot more for boys at Walt Disney World than there is for girls. I’m … Read More

The 2016 WDW Magazine Christmas Cards

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We just gave final approval for the new 2016 WDW Magazine Christmas Cards. Yes, Christmas Cards. Christmas is just around the corner. Before you know it the snow will be covering everything and the Christmas decorations will be going up. Yeah, I know it’s not even September yet, but I have love talking and dreaming about … Read More

WDW Magazine Newsletter

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Who wants to get WDW Magazine’s awesome weekly newsletter? It’s really good. Each week, on Monday morning we kick off the week with the latest Disney news and some incredible pictures of Walt Disney World. What a great way to kickstart Monday morning. Just click the button to get started Thanks. We’ll talk to you … Read More