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Aaron Widmar is a lifelong fan of the artistic and emotional power of animation to tell stories. He was raised on Disney VHS tapes as a child and even as an adult still loves re-watching his favorites. Aaron is a professional writer in a variety of fields, including the automotive industry. Although he and his wife Vicki don’t travel to Walt Disney World as often as they’d like, he can escape to the Disney-themed room of their house whenever he needs creative inspiration.

5 Fascinating Facts About The Mexico Pavilion At EPCOT

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The Mexico Pavilion's pyramid at EPCOT

Do you know these facts about the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT? This World Showcase attraction holds secrets even serious Walt Disney World fans don’t realize. All of the pavilions sprinkled throughout EPCOT have secrets and surprises hiding in them, but the Mexico Pavilion is definitely one you should spend extra time exploring.  As one of … Read More


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The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad line queue

Frontierland’s famous train ride holds some fascinating secrets that you may not know. Check out these five explosive Big Thunder Mountain Railroad facts! At the heart of Frontierland stands Big Thunder Mountain, a towering spire that reflects the mining heritage of the Old West. Even being one of the most famous rides in the Magic … Read More