Are Disney World’s Most Popular Restaurants Overrated? We Share Our Thoughts.

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These popular dining spots generate a lot of buzz – and plenty of interest from Guests! – making it difficult to snag a reservation or a seat at their tables. We’re sharing whether these Disney World restaurants deserve all the hype, or if you’re better off skipping them altogether.

While there are plenty of different restaurants to dine at across Walt Disney World Resort, some garner a whole lot of attention and hype. The buzziest, most popular restaurants are seen all over social media, and they’re almost impossible to get an advance dining reservation for, making them seem even more desirable. But do these restaurants actually deliver delicious food and an incredible dining experience? 

Disney World Popular Restaurants: Worth It?

We’re digging into the Disney World restaurants that get the most hype and sharing our thoughts on whether or not they’re worth it below.

Le Cellier Steakhouse at EPCOT

Le Cellier at the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT disney pros

Le Cellier at the Canada Pavilion. Photo by Cliff Wang

Located at: Canada Pavilion, EPCOT

One of the most hyped steakhouses on Walt Disney World property can be found in EPCOT. Le Cellier Steakhouse, which is housed in the Canada Pavilion, is themed to a Canadian chateau where you dine in the wine cellar.  The menu features regional Canadian dishes, like poutine.  

Why Le Cellier is So Popular

People love Le Cellier because it’s home to some classic, fan-favorite items. First, this restaurant offers some of the best cuts of steak you’ll find resort-wide. Think AAA Canadian Tenderloin and USDA Prime Steak! Aside from the steaks that give Le Cellier its name, you’ll also find a few more highly praised items on the menu. Guests love the complimentary pretzel bread that starts each meal – and it’s perfect for dipping into the popular Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup with Canadian Beer. 

Is Le Cellier Worth It?

While Le Cellier has some delicious food and an awesome atmosphere, to us, it’s not worth all of the hype. There are other steakhouses located within Walt Disney World that are less expensive and just as high quality. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t try Le Cellier at all! If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit. But, if you can’t snag a reservation, don’t be too bummed. There are other options that can provide you with an equally amazing meal. 

‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Located at: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is probably THE most popular restaurant on Walt Disney World property. It’s a great place to experience both ambiance and delicious food because Guests can sit back and relax in a tropical-inspired dining room and enjoy some savory Polynesian flavors. 

Why ‘Ohana is So Popular

‘Ohana receives lots of praise for a few reasons. First, the food! Both breakfast and dinner are family style, all-you-can eat meals (meaning it’s great for big appetites and a lot of bang for your buck). And the individual dishes are standout ones – dinner, for example, is home to the extremely popular ‘Ohana Noodles. These were so popular that when ‘Ohana opened after COVID without the noodles, there was a petition to bring them back! Guests also love the peel-and-eat shrimp and the coconut bread pudding for dessert.

And there’s another reason ‘Ohana is so popular: the location. As we mentioned, ‘Ohana is located inside Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which sits on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon. That means it’s just right across the way from Magic Kingdom Park. Whether you end your day at the Magic Kingdom by dining here or just want to get an amazing view of the fireworks, there’s no denying the convenient location of ‘Ohana. 

Is ‘Ohana Worth It?

When it comes to flavors and delicious food any time of the day, ‘Ohana definitely delivers! It’s earned its well-deserved hype for sure. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the views are gorgeous. What more could you want? The only downside to ‘Ohana is the lack of Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR’s) available. If you’re looking to dine here, you’ll have to try at exactly 60 days out, at 6:00 AM – and nabbing an ADR is not guaranteed. One tip we can offer is to always check walk-up lists! We were able to snag a walk-up to ‘Ohana right after they opened. 

Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom

be our guest at magic kingdom

Photo by Cliff Wang

Located at: Fans of Beauty and the Beast will be in awe of Be Our Guest, which is located in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom Park.

When you arrive at Be Our Guest, you’ll enter Beast’s Castle. You can dine in one of three dining rooms: The Grand Ballroom, The West Wing, or The Rose Gallery. Plus, at dinner, you’ll even have a chance to see the Master himself, The Beast. 

Why Be Our Guest is So Popular

Be Our Guest mostly gets its’ hype from its theming. You’re literally visiting Beast’s Castle and being immersed in the story of Beauty and the Beast. From the decor in the rooms, such as the glowing rose in the West Wing to the giant Beast and Belle statue of the beloved duo dancing, the decor is really what sets this restaurant apart. Plus, the main dining room is the ballroom straight out of the film – everywhere you turn, it’s like you’ve stepped right into the animated film.

Is Be Our Guest Worth It?

We aren’t saying Be Our Guest is a bad choice, but for the money, there are better dining options located in Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest offers a prix-fixe menu, which includes an appetizer, dinner, and a dessert trio. While that does seem like a full meal, it comes with a cost of $67.00 for adults – and the portion sizes are quite small. If you’re a big fan of Beauty and the Beast, this is a must-visit at least once, just to see the decor. Breakfast used to be a better option, since it was less expensive and you still had the chance to visit the restaurant, but it’s not currently being offered. 

Space 220 at EPCOT

Located at: World Discover, EPCOT

Blast off into space and dine at the brand-new restaurant, Space 220! Your planetary journey begins by boarding an elevator that takes you to space. Once settled in the dining room, you’ll enjoy a three-course prix fixe meal. 

Why Space 220 is So Popular

For starters, Space 220 is one of the newest dining additions at Walt Disney World. It opened in 2021 and got a lot of Guest praise. After all, who doesn’t want to try the hottest new spots? But Space 220 is also a popular spot because it offers a unique experience. How cool is it that you can board an elevator that takes you to “space?” Once onboard the space station, you’ll get to see amazing views of space through giant windows. 

Is Space 220 Worth It?

We would say Space 220 is definitely worth the hype for the experience and the menu. Dining on the Centari Space Station is a unique experience that makes your dining journey unlike any other within Walt Disney World – and it’s only something you can experience at EPCOT! The menu options also make this a good choice, as you receive quite a lot of food for the price of your meal. While the price might be a drawback (it’s not exactly cheap!), you are paying for a three-course meal plus a planetary experience. 

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Jenn Marrazzo

Jennifer Marrazzo is a writer and adjunct professor and knows way too many facts about Disney and cruises. She’s a DVC Member and WDW Annual Passholder and has a vast collection of Disney merchandise from Beauty and the Beast to Baby Yoda. Jennifer has her own blog, The Happiest Travels on Earth, where she offers reviews and tips for Disney and cruises!
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