More Details on AquaMouse, Disney Wish Cruise’s Attraction at Sea

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The Disney Wish’s AquaMouse will be the first Disney attraction at sea. Here is what we know so far.

Back in April, Disney announced the new Disney Wish cruise liner and its crazy awesome highlights.

One of the coolest-sounding features on the Disney Wish is AquaMouse, which only sounds even cooler now that Disney’s served up more details!

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All Aboard the AquaMouse


The Aquamouse wraps around the upper deck of the Disney Wish. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

When Disney achieves a new first, you know you’ve got something special. The AquaMouse is Disney’s first-ever attraction at sea, bringing the magic of Disney Parks with it wherever it sets sail.

AquaMouse includes 760 feet of tubes that wind high over the upper decks of the Disney Wish. But this is no mere water slide, folks. This is an adventure as only Disney can deliver.

The Story


AquaMouse character scenes. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

The whole experience is part of a grand story that stars the original power couple: Mickey and Minnie. As the story goes, they’ve decided to go into business with their own seafaring touring company.

Oh, and the name of their company? Port Misadventures. Sounds legit!

Port Misadventures will take you on a voyage to Mermaid Lagoon, which may or may not be the same serene scene you’ll recall from Peter Pan.

The journey starts when you board a two-seater and ride upward through a tunnel-cum-teleporter. This takes you to the world of Scuba Scramble, where you’ll enjoy an all-new animated short that plays through the ride’s portholes.

Aquamouse Scuba Scramble Disney Wish Disney Cruise LIne

Riders will view the Scuba Scramble aboard the AquaMouse attraction. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

Along the way, you’ll experience over 60 water effects and get an up-close look at sea creatures and some familiar Disney faces. Setting the tone for your experience is a beautiful score by The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse composer Christopher Willis.

Aquamouse Mickey Animated Short Disney Wish Disney Cruise LIne

Things may go wrong for Mickey and Minnie on this adventure. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

Once you reach the height of your ascent, you’ll soon find yourself zooming through that impressive network of tubes. Lighting effects and beautiful ocean views abound, adding wonder to the excitement.

After gaining speed over a series of blasters, you’ll crescendo with a loop over the edge of the Disney Wish and a splashing finale. The first thing you’ll say when you’re finished: “Can we go again?”

Disney Wish Opens for Bookings May 27


Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

If you’re all excited about getting your shot at riding the AquaMouse, the time to act is coming. You’ll be able to book your cruise aboard the Disney Wish starting May 27.

The Disney Wish will set sail in summer 2022.

It’ll boast incredible accommodations, including gorgeous two-story stateroom suites that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Because it’s a Disney Cruise, you can expect world-class entertainment even on the ocean. In addition to the AquaMouse, you’ll be able to take in a Broadway-caliber performance of Aladdin and a trio of unforgettable dining experiences.

Disney Wish makes sure there’s plenty for kids … and the kid in you. But you’ll also have options when you want some adult downtime, including a Cogsworth-style take on the Palo dining experience and the Senses Spa.

There’s so, so much more to see and do aboard the Disney Wish. And our friends at Destinations to Travel will help make sure you’re there when it embarks from Port Canaveral next year.

How excited are you for your next Disney cruise? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to with the Disney Wish on our Facebook page!


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