Amazon Disney Deals: How to Find the Sales Happening Now

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Amazon Disney Deals are already here, way ahead of the turkey and pumpkin pie. Discover the best deals to get ahead on your Christmas list…

Pumpkin pies are baking, turkeys are being basted, and green beans are getting casseroled, which can only mean one thing – my favorite winter holiday is approaching! No, not Christmas… not Hannukah… not New Year’s Eve… it’s Black Friday, of course! Nothing’s better than finding a sweet deal on the perfect gift for someone who really deserves it (all while sipping on a peppermint latte and soaking up the holiday vibes)

Holiday songs ring throughout busy stores, twinkling lights hang from shopping center skylights, and mall Santas sit on their winter thrones as hectic crowds bustle through the halls. I am one of the few who loves to be in the middle of the action on Black Friday, but I’m well aware that most would rather be cuddled up at home eating Thanksgiving leftovers than brave the crowds. Thankfully, you don’t have to!

Not only are there plenty of online deals happening all weekend following Thanksgiving, but there are actually deals hidden in plain sight year-round on Amazon. Keep reading to find out how to reveal the hidden world of discounts waiting for you in the world’s largest marketplace.

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How to Find Disney Amazon Deals💲

While Amazon is already pretty darn cheap, there are a couple of ways to inch those prices even lower. I know what you’re thinking – and no, you won’t have to spend a ton of time digging around on the internet just to find poorly made knock-off Disney merch at a lousy discount. These are legit discounts for legit products!

There are two primary ways to find unbeatable deals on Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Deals and “Today’s Deals” on Amazon.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse is essentially a digital thrift store where customers can get unbelievable deals on products that other customers have returned. If the word “pre-owned” gives you the ick, allow me to change your perspective.

Amazon Warehouse deals aren’t a grab bag of beat-up products sent back by customers looking to get cash for items they’ve used and abused. Every item returned to Amazon is graded via a point system that deems a returned item’s condition: renewed, used (like new), used (very good), used (good), or used (acceptable). Hovering over these conditions on Amazon will inform you of what exactly these terms denote.

To check out the Amazon Warehouse deals for yourself, navigate to the drop-down menu to the left of the Amazon search bar and select the option “Amazon Warehouse”. This will take you to a page where you can browse all of the pre-owned items that Amazon has to offer!

“Today’s Deals” on Amazon

When you search for anything on Amazon, there is an inconspicuous yet very handy filter on the left-hand side of your screen titled “Today’s Deals”. You can find this button under the heading “Deals & Discounts”. When you click this link, you’ll find all the discounts on the items you’ve searched for. Yep, that means no sifting through countless pages of discounted items – Amazon will take your search request and immediately apply it to special discounted items!

This function is perfect for revealing hidden deals in preparation for holidays, birthdays, and vacations to the parks. You can get the best price without sacrificing what you want! Discounted Mickey Mouse ponchos, his and hers tees, Loungefly bags, and even Mickey ears can be found using this function. These are prices you simply won’t find in the parks!

Disney Amazon Discounts Happening Now 🤑

All this deal-hunting can look a little intimidating, so we’ve selected a few discounted items we found using these two features. Check out the savings below!

2023 Disney Castle Wall Calendar

2023 WDW Magazine Wall Calendar- Featuring Disney Castles of the World! On Sale Now!

Well, of course, we might be biased, but with 16 months of value, our own WDW Magazine 2023 Disney Castle Wall Calendar has to be the best deal on Amazon right now. This calendar is the gift that keeps on giving:

Your loved ones will think of you every time the huge, glossy, full-color photos whisk them away to a more magical place (not that the office isn’t magical or anything…)

Right now, the Disney Castles 16-month wall calendar is 13% off. Grab this deal before it is gone!

Disney White Bridal Loungefly Backpack

Loungefly Minnie Mouse Wedding Dress bag

Photo via Amazon

❌Original Price: $85.00

💲Discounted Price: $64.80 (24% off)

This deal was found by searching Amazon for Loungefly backpacks using the “Today’s Deals” filter. The white bridal Loungefly backpack sure is perfect for honeymooners, but also makes a great neutral accessory for anybody in the parks.

Citizen Eco-Drive Mickey Mouse Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Disney Quartz Mickey Mouse Wristwatch

Photo via Amazon

❌Original Price: $495.00

💲Discounted Price: $292.83 (41% off)

A beautifully crafted watch is one of those show-stopping gifts that the receiver will never forget. This decadent gold-toned unisex Citizen Mickey Mouse watch was found using the “Today’s Deals” feature on the Amazon website.

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Photo via Amazon

❌Original Price: $39.99

💲Discounted Price: $26.40 (44% off)

What’s better than the smell of waffles in the morning? Knowing you got the waffle maker for almost half-off! This Mickey Mouse waffle maker was found in the Amazon Warehouse section and has been deemed in “very good” condition by Amazon. The product will also come re-packaged, so if you plan to gift it to a loved one, they’ll think it was brand new

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Board Game

Funko Games Disney's Haunted Mansion Board Game

Photo via Amazon

❌Original Price: $18.79

💲Discounted Price: $10.20 (46% off)

When did board games get so darn expensive? I come from a board game family, so I often find myself perusing the aisle they occupy at Target. In recent years, it’s become impossible to find a decent game for less than $20. But not on Amazon Warehouse!

You can grab your very own Haunted Mansion board game for the low price of $10.20 using the Amazon Warehouse section of the Amazon website. Hey, that’s basically the price of a latte these days!

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Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.

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Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.
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