8 Changes We’d Love to See at WDW in 2018

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We got some great insight into what’s in store at Walt Disney World from the recent reveals at the D23 Expo. Amazing things are on the horizon! All the excitement got us thinking of a few more things that we’d love to see happen at WDW in the near future. What do you think—are these eight things too lofty to dream about?

One of the changes we’d love to see in 2018… more Mad Tea Party! Photo by Judd Helms

  1. Adults Only After Parties

    Ever wish you could do Jedi Training Academy? Or climb in the Boneyard Play Area? Or get your glitter on at Blbbidi Bobbidi Boutique? We think it’d be fun to do select Adults Only After Parties in the Disney Parks where the big kids can act like they’ve never grown up for an hour or two.

  2. Mad Tea Party

    How cool would it be to attend the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland? We’d love to see a teatime Character Dining experience with Alice favorites—maybe in the gardens of Epcot’s UK Pavilion?

  3. More DoleWhip Varieties

    At WDW in 2018 we think guests shouldn’t be limited to only pineapple and citrus DoleWhips. DoleWhips are so amazing, why not offer them in strawberry? Or mango? Mmmm….maybe coconut.

  4. More FastPass+ Flexibility

    Why are we only allowed to pick FastPasses in one park? For those with Park Hopper on their tickets or passes, we think it would be way more convenient to be able to choose your initial three FastPasses in multiple parks.

  5. Regular Character Paloozas

    Ah, the elusive Character Palooza. Currently this surprise gathering of lesser-known characters is only available at random times in Hollywood Studios, and it’s all so very hush-hush. Why not spread the love throughout WDW in 2018? We love the surprise element of Character Palooza…we’d just love to see more of it.

    Character palooza changes

    Hey Disney – give the people what they want – character paloozas! Photo by Brett Svenson.

  6. Moana at the Polynesian

    We’d love for Moana to become a bigger part of life at WDW in 2018. Though we understand that the ocean calls her, maybe she could set aside a little time to teach some hula lessons or lead a story time at the Polynesian Resort?

  7. Inside Out Takeover

    The rumor mills have been churning for a while over the possibility of an Inside Out overhaul of the Imagination ride in Epcot. We think the idea has merit, though we’d love to see Figment given some kind of nod for nostalgia’s sake.

  8. Disney Springs Fireworks

    Sure there are fireworks available in the parks, but wouldn’t it be incredible to see a fireworks show on your non-park days too? Or even just on the weekends? Disney Springs has a lot to offer these days, and we think some kind of nighttime spectacular would totally take it to the next level.

Changes at WDW sometimes appear to be more about the bottom line than guest experience, but we think these eight changes would create loads of magic for guests! 

By Melissa Richeson

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