7 Most Expensive Foods at EPCOT Food and Wine 2022

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Wondering if the most expensive items at the fest are worth the cost? Here are our two cents on the most expensive foods at EPCOT Food and Wine 2022.

There are so many delicious options at the festival that it’s hard to plan and ensure you try all the treats that are at the top of your list! The Food and Wine Festival is free with an EPCOT park ticket, as the food booths are scattered throughout the park.

If you have a ticket to EPCOT you can indulge in eating and drinking around the world. Although, just because you don’t have to pay to get into the fest doesn’t mean the prices of the food items don’t add up.

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Are the Most Expensive Foods at EPCOT Food and Wine the Most Delicious?

The most expensive items at the 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine festival are actually the drinks! Find out which ones are worth it here, in our Review of the Most Expensive Drinks at EPCOT Food and Wine 2022. Eating around the world can get to be pretty expensive, too. Here are the most expensive food items at the festival this year and whether out not our staff thought they were worth the price tag. Spoiler alert: Some are totally worth it and can count as a mini lunch.

Note:Β Not all 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival booths are open, and Disney has not yet released prices for each of the five booths awaiting their August opening. We’ll update this listΒ once those prices have been announced.

1. Braised Beef Poutine – Refreshment Port – $9.50

2021_EPCOT_Food-and-Wine-Festival_Refreshment-Port_Braised Beef Poutine_Tatjana-Lazar

Portion: Check. Taste: Check. Photo by Tatjana Lazar

Who doesn’t love Poutine? With so many different versions of this wonderful Canadian dish, it is hard to compete! This braised beef poutine is available at the Refreshment Port.

With delicious globs of warm cheese and a hefty amount of tender braised beef on top, this will make your mouth water just from the photo!

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost?Β You betcha! This Poutine was a hearty portion and simply delicious!

2. β€œLe Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon- Canada – $9.25

Le Cellier Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon

This cut of meat is famously one of the most expensive foods at EPCOT Food and Wine each year. Photo by Tatjana Lazar

This dish included an extremely tender mini-steak covered with truffle butter sauce, this was truly a delicacy. Equipped with juicy mushrooms, this was one of our staff favorites at the fest, and can be found at the Canada booth. My only gripe is that I wish there was more just because it was so amazing.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? Absolutely worth the cost. Great quality and scrumptious! Truffle oil is generally expensive so the price point is decent all things considered.

Alternate Pick: Nothing compares. Eat this.

3. Gnocchi di Patate – Italy – $9.00

Epcot_Food-and-Wine-2022-Italy Gnocchi di Patate Four Cheese Review Mancini

Cheesy goodness, but worth the price? Photo by Lex Mancini

Gnocchi if not made well made be a little too doughy, but the texture of these, found at the Italy booth, was perfect. Once again… the meaty mushrooms added something very special to this dish! Are you seeing a theme here?

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? This was delicious, but I would like to see a slightly larger portion for $9.00. If you love gnocchi I do think this is worth the try!

Alternate Pick: If you want noodles that really hit the spot, head to Germany for the Schinkennudeln, $5.00

4. Takoyaki – Japan – $8.50

Epcot_Food-and-Wine-2022-Japan Takoyaki Octopus Review Blanken

Bonito flakes, anyone? Photo by Rain Blanken

Good Takoyaki is a rare find! The toppings on this dish from the Japan booth are something like fish jerky which gives it a nice crunch! This mixed with the soft octopus balls and cabbage slaw at the bottom make it a well-balanced dish. The Octo-balls did seem slightly soggy, so be wary of that.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? Personally, I don’t think this was worth the cost, I was expecting a different consistency with the octopus, but if you want the experience of trying a unique Japanese dish I’d say go for it.

Alternate Pick: Seafood Pie at Ireland, $6.75

5. Roasted Lamb Chop – Australia – $8.25

Australia Lamb Chop Review 2021 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Blanken

One year we accidentally got two-for-one on our plate. Look upon its glory. Photo by Rain Blanken

The lamb chop from the Australia booth has returned to the fest this year back and is better than ever! This is a definite fan favorite at the fest. The portion on this one is pretty hefty as it comes with two lamb chops, the toppings are generous too.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? Crickey! These chops are worth the price tag.

6. Dandan Noodles – China – $8.25

Epcot_Food-and-Wine-2022 China Dandan Noodles Review Mancini

A lot of noodles for the price, but the taste just wasn’t poppin for us. Photo by Lex Mancini

I had high hopes for these noodles from the China booth, but they were lacking any sauce or seasoning, the only thing exciting was the peanut flavor in the toppings. If you’re in the mood for something peanut-y I would try the peanut sticky wings from the Brew-Wing booth instead!

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? These were pretty bland, I would skip these and save your coin to try something else.

Alternate pick: Peanut Sticky Wings at Brew-Wing, $7.50

7. Tostada de Barbacoa- Mexico – $8.00

Epcot-Food-and-Wine 2022 Mexico-Tostada-de-Barbacoa-Review-Sapp

This is a can’t-go-wrong choice for the fest! Photo by Laurie Sapp

Talk about a loaded taco! This taco at the Mexico booth has everything you would want and more, our photographer Laurie Sapp thoroughly enjoyed the taco and said it “kept her taste buds guessing”.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? You may think $8.00 is a steep price for one taco, but with the number of toppings and fillings, it is well worth it!

8. Panna Cotta – Italy – $8.00

Panna-Cotta-Review-Italy-EPCOT Food and Wine 2022 Robinson

As refreshing as you think. Photo by Ilana Robinson

Panna Cotta is a perfect light treat for those hot summer days, the delicious citrusy flavor along with the berries on top makes it very refreshing. This item was actually our top pick of all the foods available at the Italy booth.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? Yes, Although it is a smaller portion it is refreshing and delicious!

9. Fry Flight – The Fry Basket- $7.50

Fry Basket Fry Flight Photos Reviews EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022 De la Fe

Walk and eat three different kinds of fries? Yes, please. Photo by Julie De La Fe

This is one of the most impressive-looking dishes at the fest. Over at the Fry Basket, you’ll find this fun flight that gives a great variety. It comes with three different kinds of fries: salt and vinegar, barbecue bacon, and sweet potato casserole. You won’t want to miss these fun fry options!

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? Yeah, It’s worth the cost! Do you see how many fries come in the flight?

10. Spicy Salmon Donburi – Japan – $7.50

Epcot_Food-and-Wine-2022-Japan-Spicy Salmon Donburi-Review-Mancini

One of our top eats of the fest! Photo by Lex Mancini

If you like poke, this is the treat for you! At the Japan booth, they are serving salmon rather than the usual tuna in a poke, but has a really similar flavor to an authentic poke bowl! I loved the seaweed shreds on top and the sauce that the salmon was tossed in.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Is it worth the cost? This was seriously delicious and extremely authentic. The fish was of great quality and I would absolutely buy this again!

Would You Eat The Most Expensive Foods at the Fest?

Now it’s your turn! Take our word for it, or try the most expensive foods at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022 for yourself!

Want more honest reviews? Check out all of our 2022 EPCOT food and wine booth menus to plan out treats you will indulge in this year ahead of time!

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