5 Things from Shanghai Disney Resort that would “Plus” WDW

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Recently, I visited Shanghai Disney Resort and I couldn’t wait to share my experiences with you—whether you’re planning an international trip or just dreaming of the global Disney parks!  There were a lot of difference and similarities between SDR and WDW, but a few things stood out… so here are my top 5 Things from Shanghai Disney Resort that would “Plus” WDW!

Shanghai Disneyland app. Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

1 – FastPass on your Phone!

While Shanghai Disney Resort doesn’t use FastPass+, they do allow you to sign up for FastPasses the day of your trip via your phone (you can even buy extras). Instead of scanning your MagicBand, you scan your phone, and the best part is that you can scan for your whole party with a simple swipe! This makes it easier and less time consuming, especially for big parties or families with lots of little ones.

Performance at Shanghai Disneyland. Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

2 – Multi-Use Spaces with Show Viewing!

With the exception of the central hub space at Magic Kingdom, WDW doesn’t do a great job of having centrally located, wide open areas that are easy to relax in, and which convert to viewing spaces (with great sightlines) for performances throughout the day. Disneyland has had mixed results with this for World of Color and Fantasmic!, and Tokyo Disneyland has done an exceptional job of this with the Mediterranean Harbour. Shanghai’s area in front of Enchanted Storybook Castle is perfectly set up for shows and easy access to the Gardens of Imagination!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure at Shanghai Disneyland. Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

3 – Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure!

Seriously, this is the BEST. RIDE. EVER. Forget headliners like Flight of Passage, Radiator Springs Racers, or Journey to the Center of the Earth. THIS is the future of rides. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes from now until Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in the hopes that one of the new attractions will match the absolutely stunning, jaw-dropping, unmatched experience of what has to be the best ride on the whole planet.

Toy Story bags at Shanghai Disneyland. Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

4 – Toy Story Merch!

SDR may not have Slinky Dog Dash, but they DO have a lot of cute Toy Story merchandise in their shops! Toy Story Land’s biggest flaw is that there’s no Al’s Toy Barn, and the tiny souvenir kiosk doesn’t carry much. Toy Story toys, clothes, sweets, headwear, home wear, accessories, and more were so cute I had to have them all … but was foiled by the size of my suitcase.

Minnie’s Sweet Treat at Shanghai Disneyland. Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

5 – Minnie’s Sweet Treat!

Move over, Mickey Premium Bar, there’s a new novelty ice cream in town! As much as I love the crunchy chocolate coating, creamy vanilla ice cream, and cute little ears on the classic WDW treat, I have to say that the Minnie Mouse version in SDR stole my heart. Minnie’s Sweet Treat was the best thing we ate at the park: white chocolate on the outside, strawberry ice cream on the inside, and shaped like Minnie with her bow and all. Snacktastic!

Read my full recap of our experience at Shanghai Disney Resort (including Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Disneytown) in our April 2019 issue, available now!

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