5 Reasons To Get Excited for Pixar’s Luca

by | May 25, 2021 | EPCOT, Magic at Home, WDW Blog

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We sat down with some Gelato and Espresso, and jotted down our top 5 reasons we’re excited for Pixar’s Luca! 

1. Pixar’s Luca Isn’t About Mobsters

Gelato - LUCA Disney Pixar

Courtesy of Pixar

That’s right! This movie is a story about monsters… not mobsters. What a relief! In the film industry, it seems like Italians are oft type casted for movies and roles that highlight organized crime.

I don’t find the representation of Italians in films like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Sopranos to be offensive, but I do think they are overdone and outdated.

When I first heard about Luca, I was excited to see where Pixar was going to go with a story based in Italy. As usual, Pixar did not disappoint, and it is extremely refreshing to see that this will be a coming of age story set in the Italian Riviera about a boy and his best friend– with a BIG secret!

2. A Return to the Old Country

Luca is the first Disney movie set in Italy since Pinocchio in 1940.  This is something to get excited about, not just for Italians, but for Disney Parks fans.

When you visit The World Showcase at EPCOT you can visit your favorite Frozen characters in Norway, you can meet Belle in France, and fiesta with Miguel in Mexico.

I love visiting the Italy Pavilion at EPCOT, but it does lack some of Disney elements that are shown in some of the other pavilions. I am excited to see how Luca is integrated into the Italy pavilion at Walt Disney World!

3. Pixar’s Luca Has A Star Studded Cast

This isn’t the first Pixar movie to have a list of big celebrities join the cast! In the past, well known celebrities have brought some of our favorite characters to life, including Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Crystal and Amy Poehler.

Joining the cast of Luca is Canadian child-actor, Jacob Tremblay, who voices the main character, Luca Paguro.

Jacob Tremblay - Luca - IMDB

Courtesy of IMDB

Cue the funny best friend! Jack Grazer, another young actor, popularly known for his performance in Stephen King’s It, is voicing Luca’s best friend, Alberto Scorfano.

Fun fact: There’s something fishy about Luca and Alberto’s last names when translated in Italian.

Paguro translates to “hermit crab” and Scorfano translates to “redfish.”

Nicely done, Pixar!

Jack Grazer- LUCA Pixar

Courtesy of IMDB

Giacomo Gianniotti, a fan favorite from Grey’s Anatomy, will be voicing a character named “Giacomo”… how very appropriate!

Giacomo Gianniotti - LUCA pixar

Courtesy of IMDB

Comedian Jim Gaffigan will be voicing the character Lorenzo, who is Luca’s father, which means we can expect lots of laughs from this character.

Jim Gaffigan - LUCA - PIXAR

Courtesy of IMDB

Finally, I am most excited to hear SNL’s Maya Rudolph as Daniela! It appears that she is Luca’s mother… who strictly warns the boys not to go to the surface. Judging by the trailer, they clearly do not listen!

Maya Rudolph - PIXAR LUCA

Courtesy of IMDB

4. Representation of Italian culture

scopa - LUCA - Pixar

Scopa! Courtesy of Pixar

Throughout the trailers for Luca you can see that Pixar did an immaculate job at animating the scenery and landscape of Italy. Beyond the stunning animation of the Italian Riviera, Pixar highlighted something else that is familiar to Italians.

In the teaser trailer that was released in December you can see men gathered around a table playing a card game and the man seated on the left exclaims, “Scopa!”

Scopa is an Italian card game, very similar to UNO, and it is one of the two major national card games in Italy. The other game being Briscola. Both of these games are played with the same deck of cards.

Another detail that I liked seeing was the bright red Vespa! I think it’s pretty universally known that Italians are very proud of their cars and scooters. To name a few, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Vespa are all luxury brands that produce their mighty machines in Italy.

vespa - LUCA PIXAR

Photo Courtesy Pixar

Finally, notice the social gatherings in the town? The characters can be seen walking with gelato, playing soccer in the court, and sitting outside of bars and restaurant.

If you visit Italy… this is the thing to do in the late afternoon and evening! My Nonna can explain this better than I can! 😉

5. Something for the Nonnas and Nonnos


Courtesy of Pixar

When I showed my Nonna the trailer for Luca she was quick to point out the little things that were reminiscent of her own hometown in Calabria.

Nonna explained that friends and family gather in the “piazza”, which is exactly what is shown when Luca and Alberto go into the town. The “piazza” is a town square or meeting place where you can get gelato, food, and coffee!

Another stand-out scene for Nonna is when Luca and Alberto get into a little tiff with the Vespa driver. Right behind Giacomo you can see the word “Bar.”

the piazza - LUCA Pixar

Courtesy of Pixar

When Nonna was growing up in Calabria, Italy, her Aunt and Mother ran a small bar just like this one that served espresso and gelato.

I have only visited Italy, and I can see that Pixar has replicated the culture and the scenery masterfully!

If visiting Italy isn’t in your plans you can still get gelato in the piazza at EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion. That’s what me and Nonna did and she said it felt like home!

Nonna Italy Pavillion - EPCOT

Photo by Alessandra Sferlazza

After seeing how happy Nonna was after the trailer I am so excited to watch this movie with her. Pro tip: Disney+ makes it really easy to switch languages, which means we can watch this movie in Italian for Nonna, with English subtitles for me!

How excited are YOU to see Pixar’s Luca? Tell us what you think over on our Facebook page!

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Written by Alessandra Sferlazza

Aly is the Social Media Coordinator for WDW Magazine as well as a contributing writer. For the past five years, she has worked with The Walt Disney Company and completed her BA, B.Ed, and a certificate in Journalism. Aly loves spending every second she can at Disney World with her best friends and family. Follow Aly on Instagram
Alessandra Sferlazza

Written by Alessandra Sferlazza

Aly is the Social Media Coordinator for WDW Magazine as well as a contributing writer. For the past five years, she has worked with The Walt Disney Company and completed her BA, B.Ed, and a certificate in Journalism. Aly loves spending every second she can at Disney World with her best friends and family. Follow Aly on Instagram