5 Reasons to Choose Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

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Way back in the year 2000, it was my very first trip to Walt Disney World, and we stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort!

After a lifetime of growing up on the West Coast and visiting Disneyland, checking out its bigger sibling was a huge undertaking for my family—we truly had no idea how expansive the entire property, the individual parks, and even our resort would be!

We picked the Caribbean Beach Resort because my parents loved vacationing in the Caribbean almost as much as at Disney.

Back then, it was a cool place to rest our heads, but we made the big mistake of not planning enough time to enjoy the resort on our vacation.

Now, there have been so many amazing new additions to Disney’s original moderate hotel (bet you didn’t know that, did you?) that a “resort day” is practically mandatory to enjoy everything Caribbean Beach has to offer if you book a stay. And it’s well worth your time to visit, even if it’s not where you’re staying!

Here are 5 reasons to choose Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort on your next Walt Disney World vacation:

Mouthwatering Eats

Caribbean Beach Resort Mahi Mahi

This incredible Mahi Mahi is found at Sebastian’s Bistro. Photo by Danny Shuster

If you’re a foodie like me, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort NEEDS to be on your list of dining destinations when you visit WDW.

Even if you’re not staying there, take a quick ride on the Disney Skyliner over from Disney’s Hollywood Studios to enjoy a meal, a snack or a drink in the middle of the day or after the park closes.

One of my top ten hidden gem picks for Table-Service restaurants is here: Sebastian’s Bistro. We’ve eaten at it TWICE in the last 6 months, it’s THAT good.

It’s one of the easier Advanced Dining Reservation to get, and they only serve dinner, but the location is casual yet stunning with airy colors and sea glass touches.

The food is something to write home about—from fantastic fish and chips for picky eaters, to spicy goat curry for something more adventurous, you’ll leave oh-so-full and wanting more. But that’s okay—they’ll make you another cocktail to-go.

There are also great options at Spyglass Grill (plantain bowls, anyone?), Joffrey’s Coffee (at the Skyliner station), Centertown Market, and simply fabulous beachy cocktails, mocktails, and light fare at the Banana Cabana pool bar (right outside Sebastian’s!).

But the good eats don’t end there, because you can easily walk to Disney’s Riviera Resort if you’re feeling like some French or Italian food. Or you can grab the Skyliner to nearby resorts for even more delicious dining options… more on that in a minute!

Beautiful Scenery

Caribbean Beach Resort Barefoot Bay

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is in an idyllic location along Barefoot Bay. Photo by Danny Shuster

Located along Barefoot Bay, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has beautiful waterfront views from each of the little “island” villages that rooms are grouped into: Aruba, Jamaica, Martinique, Barbados, and Trinidad.

There are stretches of beach with hammocks for lounging, picturesque pastel buildings, lots of tropical landscaping, and even views of fireworks from EPCOT or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There’s a boardwalk near Old Port Royale (the main building which houses guest services, check-in, restaurants, and more—and is next to the Fuentes del Morro feature pool).

There’s a gorgeous jogging trail along the shores of the Bay, which takes you all the way past Disney’s Riviera Resort (which has many gorgeous lounging areas on its ground that you can use—just don’t try to swim in their pool!).

If you’re not much of a jogger, might I suggest a beautiful morning or evening stroll to take in all those lovely views?

Or if you’re not much of a walker, just take a spin on the Skyliner for those sweeping vistas…

Walt Disney World’s Best-Located Resort

Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is the best-situated of all the hotels on the Disney Skyliner Route. Photo by Danny Shuster

I am ready to admit that prior to the launch of the Disney Skyliner, I would have rated Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as one of the worst-located hotels on property, but I’ve done a complete turnaround and am now prepared to make the bold proclamation that this is now Walt Disney World’s BEST-located resort. Here’s why:

The Disney Skyliner gives fast, easy access to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT.

Hot tip: if you’re in the Aruba section—and maybe even Martinque, use the Riviera station for faster Skyliner access!

You can still take the buses to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, the water parks, and Disney Springs, and you can wait for those at many stops throughout the resort.

There’s an intra-resort bus to help you get around the expansive property if you don’t feel like walking.

And remember how I mentioned those other resorts? Well, with the Disney Skyliner, you can be at Pop Century, Art of Animation, Riviera (that’s walkable too!), Beach Club, Yacht Club, AND Disney’s BoardWalk in a matter of minutes (those last three are accessed from the EPCOT station).

That means you can grab a snack or meal at dozens of restaurants, check out photo ops at the value resorts, go boating at the deluxe resorts, and spend a delightful day of resort hopping if you choose to add a rest day into your vacation schedule.

No other WDW resort gives you access to 2 parks, 7 hotels, and so many restaurants in just a matter of minutes.

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Ahoy, Mateys!

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room

Nowhere else at Walt Disney World has pirate-themed rooms! Photo by Danny Shuster

In the Trinidad section of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, you’ll find one of my favorite room types on property—the Pirate Rooms!


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These are fabulously themed guest rooms that offer the same amenities as other rooms at the resort, but the theming will have your feeling like you’ve entered a pirate’s lair!

Custom ship-themed beds, carpeting, and textiles with pirate prints, a dresser and mini-fridge unit designed to look like cargo, and a spacious bathroom that feels a bit like you’re in a pirate’s hideout on land make these rooms a dream come true for any little pirate.

Whether you love Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow, or Jake and the Neverland Pirates—these rooms are pure pirate magic.

Tropical Vibes

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Trinidad Pool

There are leisure pools in each “island” section of the resort, in addition to the main feature pool. Photo by Danny Shuster

Each “island” is given its own color treatment, so the buildings are easily identifiable as you make your way along Barefoot Bay.

The lush landscaping and dreamy colors transport me immediately to sunny days, soaking up the sun on Caribbean islands during a beach vacation (or port days on a Disney Cruise!).  And one feature that adds to the beach resort feel is that each “island” has its own pool.

If you don’t feel like heading all the way over to Fuentes del Morro, or you want a calmer swimming experience, these are perfect, and practically right outside your door!

My favorite is actually at Trinidad, where Spyglass Grill gives you the option of having a Quick-Service meal or snack full of tropical flavors.

There are so many places at this resort where you truly feel transported to the islands—and if you weren’t wearing a MagicBand, you’d never know you were at WDW!

Are you craving some sunshine, coconut drinks, and a Disney vacation that actually feels RELAXING? It’s time to take that vacation you deserve at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort! Get a quote on your stay from our partners at Destinations to Travel today!

Thanks to Disney for hosting us on a 3-night Resort Showcase where we got to tour and experience many of Walt Disney World’s resorts and restaurants, including Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and Sebastian’s Bistro. #wdwresorts #deliciousdisney

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A lifelong Disney fan with a passion for globetrotting, I’m driven by a desire to build a community where people like me can let their Disney flag fly with pride. As CEO and Owner of WDW Magazine, I lead a team that connects thousands of Disney fans to the Most Magical Place on Earth from wherever they are.
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