5 Frightfully Fun Haunted Mansion Disneybounds

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Haunted Mansion Disneybounds

Over the next few weeks you’re going to start to see some of the most magnificent fall decorations around at Disney World. Which means it’s time for Haunted Mansion Disneybounds!

The fall and Halloween decor that is garnished in and around Magic Kingdom is a sure sign that the cooler weather is near! With fall and spooky season quickly approaching, you will notice that The Haunted Mansion will become a lot busier than usual.

Taking a trip on a doom buggy in Master Gracey’s Manor is the perfect way to kick off your day at Magic Kingdom during Halloween season!

You may notice many more guests than usual taking photos outside of The Haunted Mansion during September and October. It is a hauntingly perfect backdrop to show off the wicked outfits of the Halloween seasons.

Here are some of my favorite Haunted Mansion Disneybounds to inspire your next fall Disneybound!

1. Ghost Host Disneybound

Did you know that the Cast Members at The Haunted Mansion are the only Cast Members at Magic Kingdom that don’t have to smile at guests?

This Disneybound by @amberarden is the perfect Dapper Day rendition of the Haunted Mansion Cast Members costumes. One of the best things about vintage fashion is that it blends so perfectly with Disney’s decor, especially on Main Street U.S.A. and The Haunted Mansion.


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2. The Iconic Wallpaper

Didn’t @robinnerdynixon put together such a well themed Haunted Mansion Disneybound? I love that the pattern in her dress resembles the wallpaper design in The Haunted Mansion so closely!

This is a perfect example of how Disneybounding can be worn outside of Disney Parks!

It is a fantastic outfit, but with subtle references to the iconic attraction. That is the beauty of Disneyboundingβ€”you can rock a Disney-fied look wherever you go.

3. The Attic Bride Disneybound

One of my favorite details about the attic scene in The Haunted Mansion is that there are 5 hat boxes beside the hat rack… but there are 5 hats on the rack. What are in the boxes!?

We cannot confirm or deny that the boxes are filled with the heads of The Attic Bride’s deceased husbandsβ€”but that is what I believe the imagineers want us to think!

This Disneybound by @brirose_arts is perfect from the veil to the axe. I like that she chose to Disneybound as the bride, because such a large part of the ride is dedicated to her story, yet I think she is often forgotten.


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4. The Hatbox Ghost Disneybound

The Hatbox Ghost can be seen in Disneyland’s version of The Haunted Mansion. Sadly, the attraction at WDW doesn’t feature this fan-favorite ghost.

I love that @southerncaliforniabelle chose to create a chic rendition of The Hatbox Ghost. Who doesn’t love a cape? And she pulled it off so well!


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5. Madame Leota Disneybound

If you don’t follow @abbysmeralda, then you’re going to want to start! Abby puts together cute Disneybounds daily and shows off these styles in Shanghai Disneyland!

Madame Leota is such a captivating character in The Haunted Mansion, she is equally scary as she is charming.

Did you know that Madame Leota’s chilling voice is brought to us by Eleanor Audley, who also voiced Maleficent and Lady Tremaine? Once you match all those voices to the same actress you can never un-hear it!

I like that Abby’s Disneybound draws on a classic image of circus fortune tellers. She paired this idea with the color blocking from Madame Leota and I think it worked wonderfully!


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We can’t wait for you to visit the parks (or your local pumpkin patch) for a Halloween photoshoot with your favorite Haunted Mansion Disneybounds!

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