5 Ways To Make Minnie Ears

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Minnie Ears are one of my favorite souvenirs from Disney. They’re wearable, they make great photos, they’re super cute, and then you can hang them on your wall when you’re not in the parks! But buying them can get a bit pricey, so the way to go is to make your own Minnie Ears!

Why Make Minnie Ears Yourself?

There’s a lot of perks to making Minnie Ears instead of buying them. 

  • You can make them comfortable for your head, by picking your favorite headband brand, or even going sans headband!
  • Pick your own theme! If Disney isn’t selling the style or theme you want, you can just make it yourself. No Winnie The Pooh ears? No problem!
  • Your ears will be totally unique to you. No one else in the park will have them!
  • They’re even more meaningful and fun if you take the time to make them yourself.
  • You’ll get so many compliments—everyone loves custom, unique ears!

With all that being said, I’m ready to start DIY’ing! Here are a few different ways to make your own Minnie Ears.

1. No-Sew Ears

No Sewing machine? Don’t worry—you won’t need one with these no-sew ears from The WDW Couple!

2. Clear Ears

These ears are really fun, and you won’t find anything like them at Disney! Find out how to make clear ears from Mickey’s Magic.

3. Sparkly Gemstone Ears

This Minnie Ear tutorial comes from our very own Tatjana!

make your own minnie ears tatjana

Make your own Minnie Ears to match Tatjana! Photo by Tatjana Lazar

Tatjana put together a complete tutorial to help you make gemstone Mickey ears:

Part One:


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Part Two:


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4. Copycat Disney Ears

Did you miss out on those Space Mountain ears from Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction?

Don’t worry! You can recreate them exactly using this tutorial from Magically Emily.

5. Minnie Mouse Scrunchies

Don’t love wearing headbands, but want a special Minnie Mouse touch to wear in your hair? 

Make these Minnie Mouse scrunchies!

Minnie ear Scrunchies

These are a great alternative to headbands! Photo by Leah Fryslie

I made these scrunchies a while back, and they’re super cute, plus super easy to make! 

Find the instructions in our post here.

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