5 Creative Ways to Collect Autographs at Walt Disney World

by | Feb 10, 2021 | WDW Blog

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Looking for a creative way to collect autographs at Walt Disney World? Here are our top 5 tips for collecting autographs on your next trip!

One of the most fun and “free” things I love to do at Walt Disney World is collect character autographs! After a few years of filling up autograph books, I wanted a more fun and creative way to display them. So, I purchased Disney’s Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters with the intention of having the characters sign their own designated page! 

But first– a few modifications! I took the book to my local office supply store and had them strip the binding, install a spiral bind, laminate the front and back covers, and add in several pages of blank cardstock.

Book pages and Disney autographs for Pluto and Pocahontas

Photo by Terri Miller

The spiral binding makes it much easier to lay the book flat, or flip the book open to one page for easy signing. The blank cardstock was useful when we ran into a character that wasn’t included in the book.

The Character interaction with this encyclopedia was so much fun! They would point to their pictures and make excited gestures, and even read their own fun facts and nod in agreement. Look at how the autographs make it unique!

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5 Creative Ways to Collect Disney Autographs

Book page and Disney autograph for Alice

Photo by Terri Miller

While the encyclopedia was a fun way to collect autographs (and lots of fun to flip through, year-after-year), it definitely added extra weight to our backpack while touring the parks. Here are a few more ideas to try that are easier to carry:

Pillow Case

Have characters sign a pillow case. Then you can have sweet Disney dreams every night! Be sure to bring along a mini-clipboard or sturdy piece of cardboard to insert inside the pillowcase to prevent marker bleed-through (and to allow a sturdy surface for signing!)

Photo Mat

If you’re one to take a lot of vacation pictures, bring along a photo mat for characters to sign! When you return home, you can frame your favorite vacation photo with fun autographs surrounding your picture!

This makes for a great vacation souvenir that you can display just about anywhere!


If you’re not keen on carrying around the Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters, find a smaller Disney book that you’d love to have characters sign.

Perhaps you have a Little Golden book featuring Winnie the Pooh and friends; use it to collect Pooh’s signature and his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods!

Or maybe you have a Disney book featuring a variety of stories. Make it a scavenger hunt to find as many of the featured characters as you can and get their autographs!


Bring a t-shirt for the characters to sign – then you can wear your favorite character autographs! Just like the pillow case, bring a mini-clipboard to insert inside the t-shirt to make the signing process easy.

Postcards or Greeting Cards

If you like getting autographs, but don’t necessarily feel the need to keep them– have the characters sign a postcard or greeting card!

Then, add your own magical message, mail it to a friend or relative. Everyone loves receiving Disney mail!

Pro Tip: No matter what item you have the Characters sign, be sure to use Retractable Sharpie markers! The clickable top allows Characters to sign with ease.

Collecting Disney Autographs During the Pandemic

Book page and Disney autograph for The Evil Queen

Photo by Terri Miller

We all understand the current challenges this pandemic has brought upon us – including the distanced interaction with characters. It’s true – guests cannot get close enough to characters to get their autograph. But do you know who will sign your autograph books? Cast Members! And boy do they love it! 

Whether it’s your waitstaff at a restaurant, concierge attendants at your resort or an enthusiastic greeter – make their day by asking for their autograph! They often don’t see it coming, so when you ask for their autograph after receiving impeccable service, they are flattered!

Some Cast Members have fabulous artistic abilities and get creative with their autographs. So, give it a try, and if they deserve a cast member complimentplease take the time to let Disney know about it too!

Have you collected autographs in a creative way? We’d love to hear about what you’ve done! Leave your comments on our Facebook page, and be sure to subscribe to our FREE newsletter, so you never miss out on the latest at Walt Disney World!


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Written by Terri Miller

Terri Miller is creator, owner and a writer for WDW Hints. Terri enjoys all things Disney, especially researching tips, tricks and little known things about the Disney parks (and then sharing them with you!)
Terri Miller

Written by Terri Miller

Terri Miller is creator, owner and a writer for WDW Hints. Terri enjoys all things Disney, especially researching tips, tricks and little known things about the Disney parks (and then sharing them with you!)