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Maleficent Ice Cream Cone Magic Kingdom Disney Foodie Videos

Most of us can’t be at Walt Disney World right now, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really missing all the delicious snacks and food there. For the next best thing, I’ve rounded up some of the best and most delectable Disney foodie videos on YouTube!

I know nothing can beat that first bite of Dole Whip in Adventureland, but you can almost taste it watching some of these videos. Your mouth will be watering by the end of this, for sure!

Disney Foodie Videos

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, some of these experiences and locations might not be available or open right now. Be sure to check up on Disney’s website to see what you can get on your next trip before you go!

Now, get ready to be really hungry, and maybe grab yourself a snack and let’s dig into these delicious Disney foodie videos!

All-Star Movies Resort Secret Menu

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort’s Secret Menu has been highly reported on, so it might not be all that secret anymore, but I still found it fun and interesting to watch TheTimTracker and Jen eat their way through the menu!

Frozen Dessert Party

This video is from back when Illuminations was still around, but once nighttime shows are back up and running, I imagine the Frozen Dessert Party will not be too far behind. 

The Frozen Dessert Party gives you and your party an exclusive view of EPCOT’s nighttime spectacular (EPCOT Forever, and eventually, Harmonious) while snacking on some amazing looking Frozen-themed treats. 

To top off the night, Frozen Ever After becomes a walk-on ride for guests of the party only!

EPCOT 2020 Food & Wine Festival

We’ve got another video from TheTimTracker, but this one really gives you a feel of what you’ll find right now at the 2020 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. 

It was interesting to watch him go through the park, showing crowd levels and how finding a secluded place to take off your mask to eat was.

And that pudding from Earth Eats looks amazing!

Must-Try Snacks at Magic Kingdom

I really enjoyed watching Magic Journeys go around Magic Kingdom and try all sorts of Disney World exclusive snacks.

Some of these were limited time, so you might not find them again, but you can always get a Mickey waffle somewhere!

Plus, this video ends with a snippet of Happily Ever After, and if that’s not the perfect way to end anything Disney related, I don’t know what is!

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