Christmas Disney Funko Pops – Gingerbread Avengers and More

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Christmas Disney Funko Pops are an adorable gift, but some are exclusive to certain shops! Here’s where to find our picks.

Funko Pops are such an easy-to-give piece of joy.  You know you’ve got a superfan in your life, you know their favorite characters, and the affordability of these lil cuties can’t be beat.

On top of that, Funko Pops are just the right size to pass for both a stocking stuffer and the cutest little wrapped present. Here are some of our favorite Christmas Disney Funko Pops.

Marvel Gingerbread Funko Pops

They’re not just cute… they’re super cute. If you’ve never imagined your favorites Avengers in icing and gumdrops, may I invite you to a sudden slew of adorability:

Gingerbread Iron Man

Disney Marvel Iron Man Gingerbread Funko Pop

Blasting off with icing? Genius.

Get it: $11.99 on

Gingerbread Captain America

Disney Marvel Captain America Gingerbread Funko Pop

That’s America’s Gingerbuns!

Get it: $11.99 on

Gingerbread Hulk

Disney Marvel Hulk Gingerbread Funko Pop

Hulk is one hearty gingerbread guy! Wonder if he’s gluten-free?

Get it: $11.99 on

Gingerbread Spider-Man

Disney Marvel Spiderman Gingerbread Funko Pop

It’s your delicious neighborhood Spider-Man flying in on frosting instead of webs.

Get it: $11.99 at

Gingerbread Black Panther

Disney Marvel Black Panther Gingerbread Funko Pop

T’Challa got his nails done just for the occasion. I’ve been stabbed by many a sharpened candy cane by my sisters on Christmas Day, so I appreciate the authenticity here.

Get it: $11.99 on

Exclusive Gingerbread Thor

Disney Marvel Thor Gingerbread Funko PopThis exclusive sugar-coated Thor (I mean, Thor is pretty sweet…) is only available at Hot Topic.

Get it: $14.90 only at (Non-sugar-coated version at $11.99 at

Gingerbread Scarlet Witch

Disney Marvel Wanda Scarlet Witch Gingerbread Funko Pop

Stay on her good side and this Scarlet Witch will stay just as sweet. Love her gumball-style magic powering up!

Get it: $11.99 at

Gingerbread Captain Marvel

Disney Marvel Captain Marvel Gingerbread Funko Pop

Captain Marvel is iced and ready to rock in gingerbread Funko Pop form.

Get it: $11.65 at

Christmas Disney Funko Pops

Classic Disney characters have been represented in Funko Pop form for years, but these four new Disney Funko Pops for the 2021 season are our favorites!

Donald Funko Pop

This is surely a model of Donald before he actually starts trying to untangle those lights and cursing in duck-speak.

Get it: $11.99 at

Daisy Funko Pop

Disney Daisy Christmas Funko Pop

Daisy is the only fashionista that can make me yearn for snow. Her winter style is enough to make a Florida girl want to go sledding.

Get it: $11.30 at

Tigger Funko Pop
Disney Tigger Christmas Funko Pop

The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that there’s not just one… there’s plenty in stock.

Get it: $11.99 at

Eeyore Funko Pop

Disney Eeyore Christmas Funko Pop

Eeyore is such a good lil guy, but his outlook isn’t always sunny. This makes him quite endearing, and hopefully, his letter to Santa will work!

Get it: $11.99 at

Funko Pop Christmas Ornaments

These three ornaments can only be found at Walmart.

Groot Funko Pop Ornament

Disney Marvel Baby Groot Funko Pop Ornament

Imagine opening your ornament box each year and this little guy is looking back at you!

Mandalorian Funko Pop Ornament

Get it: $22.87 at

Disney Star Wars Mandelorian Funko Pop Ornament

Mando and Grogu are ready to watch over the presents under the tree this year. No guarantees that Grogu won’t try to eat them.

Get it: $23.47 at

Grogu Funko Pop Ornament

Disney Star Wars Grogu Baby Yoda Funko Pop Ornament

Baby Yoda, Grogu—whatever you call him. I just call him “cute.”

Get it: $25.50 at

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Written by Rain Blanken

Written by Rain Blanken

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