12 Disney Springs Food Spots You Need to Try: Part Two

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Walt Disney World, Walt Disney World Food

In our previous post, 12 Disney Springs Food Spots You Need to Try: Part One, we recapped the first half of our epic Disney Springs food crawl with Yanni from Foody Fetish. Are you ready for Part Two? Well, buckle up because we’re going to dive right in.

Let’s recap some of our favorites, in no particular order:

Vivoli il Gelato

First up on our Disney Springs food crawl is Vivoli il Gelato. This is a family run gelatería located in The Landing area of Disney Springs. The original location opened in Florence, Italy in 1930 and is considered one of the oldest gelaterías in Florence.

In addition to the storefront, Vivoli also serves up gelato by the scoop at their custom-built bicycle cart in Town Center.

You can choose from over 20 artisanal gelato flavors. Get it by the scoop or try one of their decadent sundaes. They frequently offer limited-time seasonal menu items as well so be sure to check in on your next visit.

Even if you order a standard sundae off the menu, you can customize your gelato flavors.

We tried the Nutella Brownie Sundae but substituted a couple of the vanilla scoops with chocolate. I’ve eaten at Vivoli a couple of times before and can attest to the high quality of the gelato. They also make their waffles and waffle cones fresh to order.

I also highly recommend trying the sorbetto. Not only is it refreshing and delicious—especially the raspberry/blood orange combo that we tried—but it’s also super Instagram-able.

Vivoli il Gelato Sorbetto

The brick wall outside makes a perfect backdrop when Instagramming your sorbetto. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Here’s what Tatjana has to say about Vivoli:

Their gelato is the perfect balance of decadent and refreshing. Plus, they make an absolutely killer grilled cheese sandwich! My suggestion is that you treat yourself to one of their delectable sundaes, and grab a grilled cheese to pair with it. It’s dairy heaven in the making.

That’s right, Vivoli il Gelato is now serving up paninis! The Four Cheese Panini looks like a simple grilled cheese sandwich, but it may have been one of the best I’ve ever had. The cheese inside was liquid gold and the bread was crispy, yet soft. The pepper jack cheese gave the sandwich the perfect punch of flavor.

It’s easy to walk right by this little shop, but I highly recommend you try it on your next visit.

Goofy’s Candy Co.

The next place on our Disney Springs food list isn’t exactly a restaurant, but it still serves up some really sweet treats that we want to tell you about. Goofy’s Candy Co. is tucked away in The Marketplace near Rainforest Cafe.

Goofy's Candy Co. exterior

Goofy’s Candy Co. is your one-stop shop for bulk candy, slushies, and handmade Disney treats. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Goofy’s Candy Co. is your one-stop shop for bulk candy, slushies, and handmade Disney treats. You can also get pre-packaged items like bagged candy and popcorn. You can also choose from a variety of handmade items like character-themed candy apples and Mickey-shaped rice crispy treats. While Goofy’s Candy Co. isn’t anything out of the ordinary, it still has its place among our favorites. Kids will love it and it’s a convenient place to pick up a little edible souvenir to take home.

The Polite Pig

Hold on to your hats because we’re switching gears from sweet to savory. The Polite Pig is THE PLACE for barbecue at Disney Springs. It’s located in Town Center near the entrance to the Lime Garage. This is an extremely popular spot and often has lines out the door during peak times.

The Polite Pig exterior

The Polite Pig is so popular that it often has lines out the door. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

We were given the opportunity to step inside the carving area and smoker room. The smell inside the room reminded me of a campfire and swiftly embedded itself into our clothes for the rest of the day. After the carving demo, we were hungry for some barbecue! By the look of our table, you would have thought we hadn’t eaten in ten days. The best way to describe this menu is “barbecue comfort food.” We made sure to order a good mix of side dishes, sandwiches, meats, and desserts. The BBQ Waffle Fries are sprinkled with the signature Polite Rub that they use on their meats. The rub has a really nice flavor and I was impressed with the crispiness of the fries.

We tried a few more apps and sides like the Burnt Ends BBQ Meatballs, BBQ Cauliflower, Sweet Potato Tots, and the Mac and Cheese. The Mac and Cheese was a group favorite by far. There’s just something so special about baked macaroni and cheese. The aged cheddar was so creamy and had a nice sharpness to it. Tatjana described it as “a little pot of golden goodness,” and I have to agree.

Now on to the sandwiches and meats! Both of these sandwiches were winners but my personal favorite is the Fried Chicken Sandwich. I’ve gotten it many times and just can’t get enough. The sweet and smoky barbecue sauce is so addicting that I sometimes dream about it.

All the sandwiches come in HUGE portions, so I usually eat half while I’m dining in and then get a to-go box to bring the rest home. As if we hadn’t eaten enough food, it’s time to move on to desserts.

I wouldn’t say dessert is The Polite Pig’s strong suit, but that’s OK. I appreciate that they have a few desserts available but I’m not sure I would order them again. I’d rather spend the money on more barbecue. The Polite Pig is one of my favorite quick-service locations at Disney Springs. It’s especially a must-do for meat lovers!

Amorette’s Patisserie

Just a short walk from AristoCrêpes, you’ll find Amorette’s Patisserie, located in Town Center right next to World of Disney. This elegant pastry shop is home to a large selection of unique and sophisticated desserts. They’re most well-known for their expertly crafted character dome cakes.

Amorette's Patisserie detail

Amorette’s Patisserie is an elegant pastry shop right in the heart of Disney Springs. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Their custom character cakes can be quite expensive for a full-size cake, but for those of us on a budget, they offer a smaller version that makes for a perfectly adorable little snack.

This little guy is almost too cute to eat. Eventually, we put our feelings aside and ate him. The mousse inside was light and fluffy—the perfect consistency. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the realm of fancy pastries, I suggest starting off with one of these!

Jaleo by José Andrés

We have reached our final destination on our Disney Springs food crawl. It’s another big one, so hold on tight because we’re not quite done eating yet.

Jaleo Disney Springs exterior

This building is one of the most unique architectural styles I’ve ever seen. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Jaleo by José Andrés is located on the West Side of Disney Springs near AMC and Splitsville. The building is really hard to miss because it has a very unique architectural style and it’s HUGE.

The second you walk inside you feel like you’ve been transported to Spain—warm bright colors surround you and the smell of paella fills in the air. The decor celebrates traditional Spanish style with a modern twist.

I’ve eaten at Jaleo a couple of times before, including their grand opening ceremony a year ago. The menu, designed by Chef José Andrés, features authentic Spanish tapas, paella, and sangría.

At first glance, the menu can look a little intimidating, but don’t let that stop you from giving Jaleo a try. Many of the dishes are shareable, which makes for a great family-style dining experience.

Now let’s dive in, shall we?

Our meal started with two shareable tapas: a plate of Manchego cheese and some crispy tomato bread. In order to get the bread’s unique crispy texture, the dough is imported directly from Spain. Why? Because using Florida water to create the dough would not produce enough crispiness. This level of detail pays off because that bread is out of this world.

The thinly sliced ibérico ham is one of my favorite tapas at Jaleo. The ham comes from the free-range black-footed ibérico pigs of Spain. It’s salty and tender, which makes it way too easy to devour the whole plate. File this one under “Things I Never Thought I Would Ever Like” because wow—I’m still surprised that I loved this as much as I did.

I’m a bit put off by beets so I was weary. This chilled beet soup comes in a small little shooter that makes it easy to sip and savor. The flavor was not at all what I was expecting, which is a good thing because I was expecting something gross. It was the perfect blend of sweet and salty. My only complaint is that I wish there was more!

I’m starting to sound like a broken record but… this is another one of my favorites. Another great blend of sweet and salty, but this time with a little punch of citrus. I am not exaggerating when I say I ate an entire plate of these during the course of our lunch. I literally ate four of them.

Collectively, we tried a few Spanish-inspired drinks including the Sangría Roja, Salt Air Margarita, and traditional cava (Spanish Wine). The Sangria Roja is my favorite—I have it every time I dine here. I bet you didn’t expect to see a pinch of Disney Magic at Jaleo, but check this out. The chicken fritters are served on Cinderella’s glass slipper pillow. How cute is that?

This pot of head-on shrimp filled the room with garlic the instant our server took the cover off. Tatjana described the dish as “simple ingredients cooked perfectly.” We couldn’t resist the garlicky goodness and kept going back for more.

I’ll admit, I steered clear of the potato salad based on the description alone. But seafood lovers are likely to enjoy it.The boiled octopus was actually very well cooked too. It’s easy to get octopus wrong, but this piece was tender and not at all rubbery. The potatoes were so tender that they melted in your mouth.

This might be one of the most intriguing things I’ve ever seen. On one side of the plate, you have a classic stuffed olive. On the other side, you have a modern interpretation of an olive in liquid form. When you eat the liquid olive it gently pops in your mouth, literally bursting with olive flavor. It was such a strange experience but the flavor was great.

Have you ever seen a fried egg that was fried by poaching the egg in hot oil? Well, now you have! We tried two versions during our lunch: one with stewed vegetables and another with caramelized onions and caviar.

Here’s what Tatjana had to say about the fried egg and caviar:

Those textures of crispy fried egg, creamy yolk, melt-in-your-mouth onions and crunchy toast, paired with flavors that just sing on your tongue. I would go back for this in a heartbeat.

How can something so simple be so life-changing? These fried potatoes are literal heaven. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Dip them in the garlic aioli and you’ll never want ketchup again.

Do you love ribs but hate messy fingers? These are the ribs you’re looking for! I’m not sure what they marinate these in, but they were so flavorful even without being smothered in a heavy sauce. Plus, the meat fell right off the bone. Highly recommend this as a family-style meal.

At this point in our Disney Springs food crawl, we were about to burst at the seams. But… the show must go on.

This dessert can only be described as an air sandwich. Fluffy whipped cream smooshed between two pillowy pieces of meringue. Smother it in chocolate sauce and you have yourself a pretty satisfying dessert. I’m not sure if I’m just getting old or what, but I’ve been gravitating towards fruity desserts lately instead of chocolate ones.

The clementine granita was really refreshing after such a big meal. The citrus was tart, the vermouth was sharp, and custard was soothing. Each layer is nice separately, but they’re even better when they’re together.

And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our Disney Springs food crawl. Thank you for sticking around until the very end! I hope this gave you a few delicious ideas for your next trip to Disney Springs.

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Huge thanks to Vivoli il Gelato, The Polite Pig, and Jaleo for hosting us. While the food at these locations was provided to us free of change, our opinions are our own.

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Courtney is a Photographer for WDW Magazine and former Disney Cast Member. She is originally from New England, but is currently enjoying life in Orlando where you will often find her with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other. She also loves tacos, Donald Duck, riding roller coasters, and celebrating Halloween. For more about Courtney, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Courtney Reynolds

Courtney is a Photographer for WDW Magazine and former Disney Cast Member. She is originally from New England, but is currently enjoying life in Orlando where you will often find her with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other. She also loves tacos, Donald Duck, riding roller coasters, and celebrating Halloween. For more about Courtney, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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