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Have you taken advantage of ALL that EPCOT has to offer?  It’s so much more than Soarin’, Frozen, and a big golf ball!  This park is unlike any other in the world, and there is SO MUCH to see and do, it’s practically two parks in one!  Read on to see what you’ve been missing…


Today we welcome guest blogger Cindi Arroyo from Destinations to Travel with rundown of the top 10 things you can’t miss at EPCOT!  Take it away, Cindi!

If you are like most people, you may wonder, “What’s EPCOT got for me?”  Plenty!

Have you been guilty of running/walking fast around the World Showcase see the different countries, but not SEEING them? Or maybe you mainly concentrate on Future World, where it seems all of the big thrills are?  I must admit, that was my thinking until recently.  But I’ve changed my tune and now I’d like to help you embrace the wonder and adventure that is yours to find at EPCOT!

Everyone has their own “can’t miss” list at each park – we’re all different and it’s so much fun to compare notes.  I have changed my list over the years and I hope my list below will expand your list too.  I’d love to hear one of your “must dos” that isn’t on my list in the comments below!

It’s so hard for me to narrow done my Top 10 Things You Can’t Miss in EPCOT as I love so much about this park, but I’ve trimmed my list down just for you.

Check out the Legacy Wall! - photo by Judd Helms

Check out the Legacy Wall! – photo by Judd Helms

I always start by finding Stitch in front.  He’s usually around the legacy wall.  That is two of my “can’t miss” items right there, and we just walked in…

  1. Legacy Wall – If you were immortalized on the wall you will want to stop and get an updated picture.  Although the program was discontinued in 2007, there still stands the wall with over 550,000 tiles on display.  My daughters are on a tile, so we like to stop and get a picture of them with their tile each time we visit!
  2. Different Characters – Stitch is one many characters that you can find in EPCOT!  You can also find Mary Poppins in the UK Pavilion, Joy and Sadness plus Baymax in the Character Spot, Mulan in China and occasionally Daisy in the front of the park as well. Actually there are LOTS of EPCOT characters!  Download our character cheat sheet here!
    Now we always save Spaceship Earth for last, but you can certainly take a ride up, up, up through the history of communication innovations.  But don’t call this attraction the “big golf ball!”  You may get a few looks.  I cannot leave Future World without talking about Soarin’ Around the World and a couple of my other favorites…

    Future World: Spaceship Earth and the Monorail. Photo by Judd Helms.

    Future World: Spaceship Earth and the Monorail. Photo by Judd Helms.


  3. Soarin’ – I love this attraction because you feel like you are hang gliding over some beautiful sites around the world. Now that it’s been refurbished, you can soar around global icons like the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and even Monument Valley, USA!
  4. Living with the Land – Now this one is my favorite ride, as I love to learn about food and nutrition.  On this boat tour you are shown inside the greenhouses of EPCOT. Can you spy the Mickey shaped produce?  It makes the vegetarian in me so very happy. Plus you won’t believe all the fun facts you learn.  My favorite is that Disney grows some of the produce you eat around the parks right there in Living with the Land!
    The Imagination Institute at EPCOT. Photo by Matthew Cooper.

    The Imagination Institute at EPCOT. Photo by Matthew Cooper.


  5. Journey Into Imagination with Figment –  My love for this attraction started as a family joke about something being a figment of my imagination, and many Figment figurines later it’s become a must-do for us.  You travel on a magical ride through Dr. Nigel Channing’s sensory labs and then Figment… well, I won’t spoil anything and let you experience the fun that ensues shortly after!!
  6. The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Turtle Talk with Crush – These are together in the same Pavilion…and you see a ginormous (5.7 million gallon) aquarium filled with all the sea creatures you know from the film.  If you stop for a moment, you can actually talk WITH Crush!! Super fun interactive time for kids and adults alike.  As you continue your adventure around the Pavilion, you will see Bruce the shark and you can even take a ride on a clam mobile.  If you love the ocean as much as my family does, you will certainly lose track of time under the sea with Nemo.
    Can you believe this is theme park food? Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

    Can you believe this is theme park food? Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

    Now we enter the World Showcase.  We usually start to the left by way of Mexico and make our way around.  Remember, I am still discovering all the treasures in the World Showcase, but these are a few of my favorites…

  7. Kidcot – These are adventures for the kiddos.  They can pick up a Duffy Bear coloring picture, and take it around the world with them.  They will receive a “passport stamp” and sometimes a special drawing from the cast member from that country.  Adults can even get in on the fun and use this for a souvenir for the kids that didn’t get to come – or for themselves – I’ll never tell!
  8. SNACKS!!! – Oh my, there are so many snacks: Cronuts,  funnel cakes, cinnamon rolls as big as your head only to be eaten with the best hot cocoa, gelato, shaved ice in Japan, Nudel Gratin (thick mac n cheese, casserole-style in Germany), school bread, and my favorite CARAMEL CORN! It’s made with my favorite caramel, Werther’s! It is well worth the wait for the fresh, hot stuff.  The sweet and salty combination will help satisfy any snack craving you may be having! It’s great on the spot, or if you can wait, for movie night in your room!
    EPCOT's Mexico Pavilion is home to lots of Mexican Restaurants. Photo by Matthew Cooper.

    EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion is home to the San Angel Inn Restaurante. Photo by Matthew Cooper.


  9. The San Angel Inn Restaurante – This has been a family favorite since my husband’s and my honeymoon.  We first took the boat ride around the Pavilion.  The Three Caballeros take you on a tour of Mexico while trying to find Donald who’s disappeared. The food at the quick service restaurant, La Cantina de San Angel, across the walk way, is authentic, amazing Mexican cuisine.  The margaritas, the nachos, and the quesadillas appeal to hearty and picky eaters alike. My family of vegetarians and carnivores can eat together in harmony!There is so much to discover in the World Showcase.  I can’t wait to further our adventure in future articles, but here is my last favorite for this list.
  10. The Voices of Liberty – This amazing a cappella group, costumed in the finest garments from the 1800s, beautifully sings American classics.  Their voices fill the halls of The American Adventure Pavilion from the rotunda so much so that you cannot help but to pause and listen. Once you stop, you become completely captivated by the harmony of their voices and the intensity of the feeling behind the words they sing.  I get goose bumps merely thinking about it! I do hope you will take time out of your visit around the world to experience their performance.
Don't forget to end your night at EPCOT with IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth! Photo by Cliff Wang.

Don’t forget to end your night at EPCOT with IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth! Photo by Cliff Wang.


Now that you know a few of my most favorite attractions in EPCOT, I hope you will add to your list of must dos and have a completely new adventure the next time you visit WDW!!

If you want to find out even MORE about EPCOT, check out our January issue by clicking here!


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