Why Disney?

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Today, please give a big warm welcome to one of our busiest writers – Kimberly Masimore!  She’s an amazingly resourceful part of our team who is always up for another assignment and knows her way around the written word as well as she knows her way around the parks!  We’ve asked her to share with us why Disney is a great fit for her family.  Take it away, Kim!


Why Disney?

I’ve been to Walt Disney World more than any other vacation destination and I’m perfectly fine with that.

I visit a local theme park each year at about $60 for the day. I could almost visit two days for the amount I would pay for a one-day park admission to Disney! But… the quality just isn’t the same and I challenge anyone to find a theme park that is. You can have fun anywhere, since I believe that fun is what you make of the situation. However, Disney completely immerses you in the experience and that is what sets them apart from anywhere else.

Here are the main reasons why I go to Walt Disney World:

Rapunzel has a great attitude! Photo by Cliff Wang.

Rapunzel has a great attitude! Photo by Cliff Wang.

The Make Believe

Disney does fantasy better than anyone I know of. I love returning to a childhood where anything is possible. Seeing the delight on my children’s faces as they see books and imagination come to life is beyond anything that money could ever buy.

I cannot follow the mindset of those who don’t want their daughters looking up to Disney princesses. In fact, I encourage my daughter to! There’s Merida, who won’t let go of her ideals in favor of someone else’s, yet realizes that family is important even if you don’t always agree. There is my favorite, Rapunzel, who shows that life is meant to explore and take chances. Snow White demonstrates that a kind heart will always prevail and Tiana shows that hard work makes dreams come true. I could go on, but it isn’t necessary.

I like that when I enter the Magic Kingdom make believe and reality meet and that is a pretty nice place to be if you ask me.

The Message

How can you argue with “believe in your dreams”, “wishes come true”, and “a man should never neglect his family for business”? Walt Disney was a family man and a dreamer who never gave up on his dream. If I can instill those two things in my children, I will have met with success.

The Partners Statue in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom also sends a great message. Walt is holding Mickey’s hand and pointing towards the future. To me it says, never let go of your friends/family as you face new horizons.

Walt Disney overcame many life obstacles and he kept persevering. That is a message worth sharing.

A traditional photos with a message! Photo courtesy of Kimberly Masimore

A traditional photos with a message! Photo courtesy of Kimberly Masimore

The Milestones

We have created memories since my children were barely old enough to walk. And each year we visit Disney we achieve a milestone together. My four-year-old is excitedly anticipating achieving his next “height level” so he can ride the bigger rides like Star Tours with his older sister.

Disney recognizes the importance of milestones. They even have celebration  buttons they will give you to recognize any important milestone in your life. From first visits and birthdays to the “celebrating button” where you can celebrate anything you want Disney makes sure every celebration is included. When you wear these buttons cast members and guests will stop you and wish you “happy…whatever!” Sometimes you might get a special desert or an extra Fast Pass, but these are magical experiences that shouldn’t be expected. And to me that is okay too. You should always celebrate for  yourself, not for expectations.

The Mystery

I love that there is always so much to learn at Disney. First, one of my favorite things to do is locate Hidden Mickeys. My kids and I enjoy doing this while waiting in line and even while just enjoying the park. We even look for     Hidden Mickeys out in the “real world.” But Mickeys aren’t all that is hidden in the theme parks. Disney Imagineers have hidden jokes throughout the parks, many of which you can find in the queues.

For example in MuppetVision 3D a sign says, “Back in 5 minutes, key is under mat.” Next time you are there, look under the mat! The shipping crates are also worth looking at. The Jungle Cruise has a lot of word play as well. Instead of     complaining how long a line might be, we search out these hidden gems. I love how incredibly detailed the entire attractions (and parks) are!

The perfect moment - Photo by Laurie Sapp

The perfect moment – Photo by Laurie Sapp

The Memories

The attractions and entertainment at Disney are perfectly suitable for everyone in my family to experience together. From watching parades to sailing on a boat through the Caribbean with Pirates, my children and I can have fun together.

We plan our trips as a family so the memories really begin at home. Sure, we’ve gone on other vacations, but there is just something magical about making memories at Disney that keeps us coming back. Everything we do there we can do as a family. I love measuring my kids by taking their photo in front of Cinderella Castle to see how they have grown since our last visit.

There is so much to do at Walt Disney World; we never quite fit everything in to one visit, which definitely keeps us coming back. Where else can you see Mexico, Norway, Germany, Japan, Italy, and England, sail the Seven Seas, ride an elephant, and visit Neverland all in one trip?

About the Author

Kimberly Masimore

Kimberly has been a fan of Walt Disney World since her first trip at 4 years old. She was fortunate enough to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program and made some amazing friends and memories. If you visited Disney MGM Studios in Spring 1997, you may have seen her giving tours at Backstage Pass to 101 Dalmatians. Kim is working on the “next great novel” at home with her family and hopes to be a show writer for Walt Disney Imagineering.