WDW Magazine – A Walt Disney World Trip Planning Tool

Are you going to Walt Disney World? Do you NEED some help to plan your trip?

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation is a big and daunting task. Where are you going to eat? How does FastPass+ work? When are the crowds the smallest?

We know!

If you are going on a Walt Disney World vacation, you NEED WDW Magazine.

Planning Starts Here!

There is a lot that goes into planning a Disney vacation. That’s why each month we take one topic take a real good look at it. Here are just a few of the topics we’ve covered through the years –

Each year we start off talking about the Crowds at Walt Disney World during the year.

We talk about things like things like how to get around, what there is for Princesses, Boy and even Families to do on a trip.

We’ve covered My Disney Experience, Saving Money, being Healthy, and probably most important, the Changes at WDW.

If you NEED to know about it, we talk about it…

Inside each issue

Inside each issue we cover a variety of topics. Take a peek…



Each issue starts with a Features section. There are 3 to 5 articles about the topic for the month. For example, in this month’s Epcot Issue the Feature articles are…

  • The History of MyMagic+
  • Audioanimatronics from Walt to Today
  • The Technology Behind the Rides at WDW
  • “Show”ing Off WDW Technology

Feature articles take an in depth look at the topic we are covering complete with incredible pictures and videos.

wdw101WDW 101

WDW 101 takes a beginners look at planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

It includes an article from Dave Shute of yourfirstvisit.net that talks about what a first time visitor needs to know when visiting Walt Disney World.

Next comes an article called Scrooge or Splurge which deals with how you can decide if one of the magical “extras” that Disney offers is worth the extra cost for your family.

Finally we have some “common sense” tips about the topic of the month.

best-of-wdwThe Best of WDW

Our Best of WDW articles take a look at things around Walt Disney World such as:

  • Disney Resorts
  • Attractions
  • Restaurants
  • Gift Shops

We’ve covered all the Disney Hotels, over 40 restaurants and attractions and a whole bunch of gift shops.

Everything you NEED to know.

section-kSection k!

Section k! is our section for children. What does a children’s section have to do with planning a Disney vacation?

We even have our own mascot.
wally-d 200

We call him Wally D. Wilkerson

In Section k! we have downloadable puzzles, games and coloring pages that are great to keep kids busy in line at the parks.

Kids LOVE Section k!

fanzoneThe FanZone

In The FanZone section we ask our followers what they think about the topic of the month. This is really good information for planning.

In the Epcot issue the questions were;

  • Which are your favorite classic animatronics?
  • What new technology is most helpful at WDW?
  • Which WDW high-tech attraction is your favorite?
  • Which new technology experience is your favorite

Oh, and there’s a recipe of the month from one of the restaurants at WDW.


Around The World

Every issues wraps up with a look at what’s going on around “the world”.

It all starts with The News of the month from Walt Disney World. If it happens and you NEED to know about we’ve got you covered.

We also look at The Little Things. There are a lot of special experiences that guests miss out on because they just don’t know about them.

One of the most fun articles each month is our Did You Know article full of WDW trivia.

Believe it or not, there’s more. Each issue has over 20 articles, 10 videos and over 100 pictures. Really, really good pictures.

WDW Magazine is the PERFECT planning tool for your next Walt Disney World Vacation!

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