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37 Comments on “My Account”

    1. Julie,

      Yes, we are having some problems with some of the PayPal subscriptions. I have canceled your account for you. You won’t be billed again.


    1. Kimberly,

      There was a small mistake in your subscription and somehow you get 2 subscriptions. We have canceled and refunded one of the subscriptions.

    1. Evan,

      It’s a Apple and Google thing. When you purchase the app in the app stores, Google and Apple get a cut. If you purchase through the website they don’t. We don’t even get subscriber information from them and they won’t take subscriber information from us. That’s they way they have set things up. I wish it were different.

  1. Can I log in with the same informaton on the ipad app or is this a whole new subscription needed? Is my subscription still active for the monthly?

  2. I am coming to the end of my one year subscription, will you just automatically charge my card and renew the subscription for another year?

      1. The Apps is a separate purchase because Apple and Google don’t share or take our subscriber information. I wish there was a way we could do this for everyone, but it’s not the way Apple and Google have things set up.

  3. My Kindle Fire died last Nov and I purchased a new one. The magazine does not work well with this Fire HD. I open the magazine and looked at the first two pages. It froze so I had to go back to the cover. If I stopped scrolling to look at something, I had to start over again at the cover and scroll to where I left off. By the time I was in the 34 -40 range I gave up. Can I switch to the computer? I have 9 copies to catch up. Thanks. Julie

    1. Thomas,

      It looks like they have changed the way that you view the full screen. On the right side of the page there the second button from the top (the one with the two arrows) will take it to a full screen.

      Try that.

    1. Leann-
      If you want to change your password, please let me know what you want your password to be and I will change it for you. Thanks!

  4. I just subscribed but I changed my mind and I don’t want it but my credit card already got charged. Can you cancel my subscription and give me a refund ?

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