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3 WDW Changes NOT Covered at D23

In an effort to be on the cutting edge of a big WDW scoop, sources may report “rumored changes”, meaning changes that MIGHT be on the way, but haven’t actually been confirmed by Walt Disney World authorities.  So how do you know when to believe these rumors? Well, I think that it’s actually kind of fun to read up on rumored changes, but if there’s no validity to the facts, then it’s just a dream.

On the blog last week we looked at a bunch of rumors that were confirmed or busted at the D23 Fan Expo.  But there are more where that came from!

Below I’ve reviewed three of the biggest current rumors – some have been acknowledged by Disney while others have not.  But even when Disney says something is going to happen, it’s not necessarily true until the paint is dry and an opening date is announced!

Check out these 3 rumored changes supposedly coming soon:

Blizzard Beach Changes

Is a Blizzard Beach expansion in the works? Photo by Laurie Sapp.

Blizzard Beach Expansion

If you’ve been to Blizzard Beach recently, you’ve noticed that the Red Slope tube slides were shut down. In fact, they’ve been shut down for several months, though the view from the lazy river doesn’t indicate that any work is going on there directly. Instead, some speculate that the area behind the Red Slope is being cleared for a possible expansion.

Since Typhoon Lagoon recently received a new ride, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to think that Blizzard Beach could be next. However, due to lack of any official data (no permits, no announcements, nothing but an aerial drone shot and speculation), I’m still rating this rumor as fan-fueled speculation at this point.

Club 33 changes

Are 4 Club 33 locations really coming to WDW? Photo by Kathleen Logan Wolfe.

Club 33

Club 33 is an exclusive corporate or celebrity level membership access area that has been available at Disneyland for years. Now, several sources say this elite club is installing four locations in Disney World this fall, one in each park. No word yet as to where the clubs would be located or how much Disney would charge for the membership fee. Sources say Club 33 in Disneyland costs five figures though.

With the addition of several other elite experiences at WDW, the addition of Club 33 seems pretty likely to me. From a purely-profit perspective, it just makes sense. Why not pull in some extra cash by offering a private reprieve to those willing to pay for it? Because it wouldn’t take much to implement, and the sources seem reliable, my money’s on Club 33 opening at WDW sooner rather than later.

parade changes

Will Paint the Night come to WDW soon? Photo by WDW Shutterbug.

New Magic Kingdom Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade left for California last fall, but it’s rumored to return soon for a limited time, then be replaced by a new Paint the Night Parade.  At D23 last week, it was announced that Paint the Night would actually be sent to perform at Disneyland Resort’s second gate: Disney California Adventure.  So it’s not coming to Florida as fans have been speculating, after all.

BUT, the California version is actually the SECOND Paint the Night parade variant – the first is in Hong King Disneyland.  So, while still is unconfirmed, doesn’t it seem pretty plausible to you that a THIRD Paint the Night parade could be under construction?

The nighttime parades at Magic Kingdom have always been popular, and Main Street Electrical Parade has definitely been missed by fans. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking…but then again, if we all wish upon a star…

So there you go—a rundown of the latest rumors with their potential probability. Which do you believe? And which would you like to see become a reality? Let us know — join the conversation on our Facebook page.

By Melissa Richeson

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